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BlueFate what the love behind the Shanghai statistics and Webmaster Platform promotion

test site, but there is a need to invite code tips, such as:


owners have installed on the love of Shanghai statistics, it will certainly be a look, open the love Shanghai statistics page, we found on the left side of the bottom fell in love with the sea included the amount of queries, as shown in figure

July 7, 2011 around nine p.m., Shanghai love again adjusted the algorithm, this is the number of collected Site command to make new adjustments, as shown below: a conspicuous small bulb right suggests "find related results of XXX, the number is estimated, the site administrator if you need to know the amount collected more accurate, please use the love Shanghai statistics. "Failure, please visit the complaint center snapshot problem. Other questions please visit Shanghai Webmaster Platform love." This clearly remind the user, the Site command to obtain data for the valuation, and to attract and guide users love Shanghai statistics service.


looked at it, in fact, the real purpose of love Shanghai statistics highlight is the "Shanghai Longfeng proposal", Shanghai Longfeng proposal was launched in June 29th, Shanghai love said "love Shanghai statistical launch of the" Shanghai Longfeng proposal "this function is love Shanghai released last year after the" search engine optimization guide "the white paper, so far only one love Shanghai launched by the official Shanghai Longfeng guide function of products. "The core algorithm of data behind Shanghai Longfeng suggestions" this function directly from the love of Shanghai unique database, launched by the Shanghai love statistical integration, will provide 360 of the website of Shanghai Longfeng examination and optimization suggestions for the problems the webmaster. This is the love of the Shanghai statistics and promoting the domestic Internet industry development, is also an important measure to help small and medium-sized site growth." We love sea this product very seriously, he is in order to help the site to point out the problem, improve the user experience, improve the amount collected and ranking fell in love with the sea, enhance the search engine traffic from Shanghai love. Shanghai Shanghai dragon sex you can not use

?When I opened my



function has been on the line for a long time, I inquired about the site included. Oh, love of Shanghai is a big liar, this is not the latest query to the amount collected, not specific to one of these days the amount collected. Figure:

In fact, the

although we think it more and more difficult to do Shanghai, but at home, love Shanghai is the boss, all he says, many owners still rely on love to eat in Shanghai. No way, the change rules of the webmaster only to understand and adapt to the search engine, the game can be carried out in the end. I love Shanghai statistics easily popularized in large range.


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