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Five standard open Mini on high quality web content

high quality web content: we do Shanghai dragon know a word called "content is king, the chain for emperor", with popular words is of high quality website Web site keywords ranking = content + high weight external links, then high quality web content is what standards? Open the mini according to observation and Practice for many years, summed up the five standards:

2, can meet the needs of users of the website content. How should we understand the needs of users? Search Shanghai dragon soft writing, if he saw the article is to tell him how to write text, then he will continue to meet his needs. If the user wants to see a move note content, but the lack of open found some cannot recognize the words into some moving words, this article is certainly can not meet the needs of users, so the user operation is to close the site, in addition to find. Add a guest to see beautiful pictures, later found that all is missing in the red fork fork, then obviously can not meet the needs of users. The search engine to determine whether a site can meet the needs of users with 2 reference index, a page is the residence time of a website page bounce rate, stay longer, out of the lower rate, indicating the site more to meet the needs of users. Then the current popular pseudo original tools and the station group software is definitely unable to meet this point.

Six standard Rich 1, the high correlation between the content of

3, a high degree of original content. The search engine spiders taste is "love", something new to the Internet especially love, if that is the original high content is easier to get the favour of search engine, but also by the pseudo original webmaster are widely respected, appropriate pseudo original is helpful to the website, and if the pseudo original the tool then amisunderstanding, pseudo original tools are sacrificing readability and user needs, although it may be considered an original, but can not meet the needs of users, the same will be search engine that is Internet garbage and convicted of cheating.

4, website content. Of course content >

. I believe that you must be easy to understand, is the content of the website and the website must be highly relevant to the theme, for example, Shanghai Longfeng content is and the search engine, website optimization related content is high correlation, and correlation and website construction is low, and the Taobao marketing correlation is lower some, and almost no correlation between the moving company. That is the decoration company website content, it relates to the family decoration, building materials, paint floor plates, these contents are high correlation, while Shanghai Longfeng content is not related, there is no correlation between what the title and Li Na, and Minnie encountered such shoes, he is a mill enterprise website in order to increase the content of the website, and that after Li Na’s title wantonly organized topics, feel hot topics will bring traffic, and the content and the mill does not have any relationship, this is the low quality of website content, and is of high quality.


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