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February 18, 2011, the super computer "Watson" defeated the human and the human, standing on the highest podium quiz. The famous Futurist Kurzweil believe that information technology is moving due to singularity super human intelligence forward. When the information singularity in 2045 arrived, artificial intelligence will exceed human intelligence.

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1950, Turing published an article entitled "can machines think?" the paper first puts forward the concept of "thinking machine". Hypothetical: a person not in contact with each other, through a special way, and the other a series of questions and answers, if in quite a long time, he could not judge other people based on these issues or computer, then you can consider this computer with colleagues considerable intelligence, namely the computer is thinking. This is the famous "Turing test" (Turing Testing).

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2. machine and human intelligence universal test method (M& H; IQ


Turing test is often used to verify whether the machine has human intelligence, but the Turing test is affected by human interference too much, subjective judgment depends heavily on the referee and subjects, but only if the machine is equipped with human intelligence, but the machine and human wisdom of the gap and speed of change and can not get the quantitative analysis. It is often claimed that the program through the Turing test, such as the June 2014 British University of Reading professor Kevin Warwick declared a "Eugene Gutmann (Eugene Goostman) of the computer software has passed the test, but was soon found their test has many loopholes and by fraud.


so is there a way to the level and speed of quantitative detection of machine intelligence development, and compared with human intelligence, observation of potential risk and prevention. Since 2013, we are in the machine and Internet IQ are explored, the preliminary results have been published in the June 6, 2014 ITQM meeting held on the following, we will briefly introduce how to quantitatively analyze the future competition of wisdom and human machine.

1. smart machines and the future of human differences

but there are also many scientists think that machine intelligence beyond human wisdom is a science fiction, including the MIT Computer Science professor Rob Miller (Rob Miller), Facebook, director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory deep learning expert Yann LeCun, think the machine algorithm in some areas is beyond the scope of human ability. But in some areas, such as the social and cultural fields of cognition, including a variety of new inventions, vocabulary spread cat videos and praise, or involved in other cultural phenomena. These are the machine algorithm is difficult to reach areas.


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