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The word breast breast cancer incidence and the upward trend of ‘s health network

is the one and only female breast organ, which is the most full of feminine charm organs, it has deepened the connection between mother and child, various substances required for the growth of the baby milk rich, but it brings us many benefits at the same time, its suffer damage, it is the most susceptible to toxins, chemicals against the site also, breast disease sometimes troubled women, love women, health care, we should be more caring for breast health.

human breast is unique

Unlike any other species on the planet, humans are the only mammals in the

, and the breasts develop during puberty, and are maintained throughout the period. Other primate females will grow only when necessary, such as lactation, and will be reduced after weaning. Florence, author of Williams, a natural and unnatural history of breast, said: "no matter what our reproductive status is, meat and fat will be left behind in Florence."."

is the word "breast

compared with other organs of our breast, is undoubtedly the biggest night, it is our body organ growth finally. And the brain, liver and other organs are different, the breast is not born at the time of the decision of its structure, but after birth will be independent growth. "They all grow up in adolescence, from scratch," Williams said. "Even if a woman never gets pregnant, her breasts will give birth to a little." In the course of the menstrual cycle, due to water retention and cell growth, the size of the breast will vary by 13.6%. The average weight of the breast is about one pound, but 2 times that weight in the third trimester.

both sides of the breast is not the same

maybe you are on both sides of the breast cannot at the same time just fill your bikinis and secretly depressed, never mind, Williams found that breast usually than the other side of the breast, the weight is about 39.7 ml, almost 1/5 of the weight of the water cup. It’s like we can’t expect to have two feet, two ears and two knees.

to establish a higher level of communication

Dr. Ofer Taider, a researcher at the

Institute of Smithson, tells the story of a mother who has a higher level of thinking, including language and learning, because the mother and the child are more closely related to breastfeeding during the lactation period. Some scientists believe that the shape of the human breast affects the infant’s sense of taste and oral motor skills, thereby contributing to the formation of our language ability.

may cause men to regress

research shows that men watching a cognitive ability test of women image after the poor performance, because their impression of the picture is often top-heavy". Georgia, Gwinnett college neuroscientist Stephen? Platek, experiments were carried out in this regard, he believes that pictures of women make men unable to concentrate, unable to focus on other tasks.



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