How fast do website ranking

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We all know that

when we really want to do a website should be the first consideration is the website, our website is going to do what, although this seems to be a very simple thing, while many of his peers in fact, if the website content location is not good will directly affect their website ranking is good or bad, it is closely related with the website ranking.


love Shanghai for new sites have a assessment period is also known as the sandbox, the site in the early are not what weight in all fell in love with the sea do not search the website information, in this case to do what if the search volume is high key > big show

how fast do website ranking, believe that this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng counterparts are more concerned about the topic, but also an enduring topic, a lot of people to make their sites in a short period of time has ranked at the use of some black technology, although black technology can make the website ranking up in the short term however, the ranking of the stability and durability is difficult to control, if want to long-term development of snow is not recommended to use black technology to do rankings, in fact made a fast ranking method has many do not have to use black technology to make up, today Shenzhen Shanghai dragon came to tell you how to make your site in a short time the rankings do go up.

The content location of Keywords

must have a lot of people here to see the content of the website will ask, how to locate? Here I am not guessing, in fact, positioning website content is very simple, you need to consider carefully what you do is used in the website before, then the answer for your website is your website express the contents, such as your website is used to develop web sites, the content of your site positioning is around the web development is the key content in the website, which detail you can give customers what kind of website development, you can do those business development, of course, put some more successful cases the basically simple positioning is that these, my eloquence is not very good, may not please do not spray.


I should not do too much to explain the importance of the site, I believe we should have a clear focus, I discuss with you the choice of keywords, do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng counterparts in the web site optimization ranking love blindly choose the search volume keywords major show high, but this is actually a cognition is wrong.

I say web content will affect the site ranking is not random talk up, I got through the test operation after the conclusion, for example, if your site positioning is the contents of e-commerce, so when you have to do is to choose some of the website ranking and e-commerce related keywords to website ranking so, if the contents of the location of the web site not directly related to the quality of website ranking, if website content location good website will be very easy to work behind.


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