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Do the forum let your anchor text ranking flow rises again

anchor text is a big role for the owners to improve website ranking, especially foreign friends attach great importance to the quality and quantity of the anchor text, many of the new owners have been in the pursuit of how to effectively release the anchor text since the anchor text is relatively large which we all know for ranking website, but many webmaster do not know how to correctly do anchor text, some people really can not find a stable and safe release of the anchor text is depressed, in fact, we are usually the most prone to the anchor text is the forum forum how to send the anchor text is the most reasonable? Today we summarize.

2, reply to high quality posts, this is a lot of people may not pay attention to, I think it is hair chain, the content is written by someone else, I’ll just send it ~ it is not, because of the low quality of the posts may be copied or even automatic software release, this article is even included a short time may be removed, if the chain you send will be linked to you, so you should try to reply to the production of the high quality fine writing posts, when this article was given a high scoring engine, you outside of the chain is likely to be a part of the benefit.

1. high weight forum. For example, A5, Adsense nets, Shanghai dragon WHY, behind these forums, especially behind the anchor text is very valuable, because he only do BBS weight is very high, so if you can put your website in your industry’s top website forum that is good to go high, water to flow, so look at the website engine.

3, rob building is not a game, a lot of people think to grab the sofa to grab the bench these replies are boring method of Internet users will do, in fact is not the case, an article is always in reply grab articles included after, this is inevitable, so this article has accumulated heavy sovereignty after you reply (or the chain said the sooner you appear) then you are more likely to get the engine attention get more points, so the chain effect of 1,2,3 building and the thirtieth floor that is certainly not the same.

4, not on the top of the old post, there are a lot of people think I top old posts may not easily found by others better, actually is a new engine, he was repeatedly turned to the old, the content is not interested, so if you have the chain are posted in the old post, so for a long time your site will give the engine a update is not a positive impression, this also need to pay attention to.

5, as far as possible in the anchor text near with relevant keywords, such as some people do this movie, I just gave the film to do anchor text, other does not appear, this is not good, there are some text anchor text near you, such as the latest American movie download, a phrase this movie with anchor text, than you will simply make sense of the word a lot of movies, the anchor text don’t fixed a word, it is best to diversify, so naturally some engines will be more love, there is a classic saying: the highest level of Shanghai is not Shanghai dragon.


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