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Different sites have different demand for search engine marketing

1. for the focus on the needs of the brand website, they mainly want to use the site’s content to improve its brand system and service system, and use this platform to promote their related products and models. For this kind of web search engine marketing mainly create better corporate image and attract more customers and recognition. This kind of strong sense of overall lasting influence, style diversification, personnel demand, effect of a wide range of people. Therefore, this kind of website marketing advertising, in the way of user evaluation, product categories and so on, the deadline.

SEM, search engine marketing, is based on the use of search engine users and user habits, use search information as much as possible opportunities for marketing information to target users. It can be defined as the search engine platform based on network marketing. Generally speaking, those who use search engine marketing information dissemination behavior is search engine marketing behavior. The most common way is to search engine marketing and search engine optimization for advertising, in addition also includes marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, social marketing platform etc.. At present, many Shanghai Longfeng companies provide this service. SEM’s purpose is to create or flow, especially the flow. By attracting more customers, to promote products and brands, to target customers into real customers. External performance of search engine marketing can be reflected in the following aspects, such as display times, search ranking, call volume, click rate and conversion rate etc..

on how to carry out the search engine marketing, a lot of attention to and to the place of study. Search engine marketing is the essence of website promotion and increase visibility. How to do a good job in search engine marketing, different sites have different needs. Xiaobian that you can from the following several aspects:

! The effect of the

search engine marketing is influenced by many factors, such as page user experience, page content and ideas, keyword strategy, server stability, etc.. The user experience includes many aspects, such as the content of the agreement, the aesthetic, the network response speed. The user experience greatly affects the website traffic and conversion rate. The content and ideas of "is reflected in the optimization, link building and so on, the main purpose is to seize the hearts of customers and aim to attract their attention. At the same time optimization is also in order to attract the attention of the search engines, let search engines give better ranking. Only having a good idea to seize the user’s heart. As for the keyword strategy, which is very important for search engine marketing and optimization. Search engine marketing is the basis of all keywords, search behavior is by keywords and keywords, must find the value analysis and breakthrough. Keywords to products or services, and related content. In many cases the search engine is based on the website, which requires a stable web server, avoid crashes or other failures and search engine doubt. So spend some money to buy a stable server is the key to


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