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Analysis on how to treat the novice website ranking and overall effect

operating time:

I think the most important thing is to start from the basic work of their own website, that is to say when you are in Shanghai Longfeng promotion on site optimization, not blindly thinking about how to quickly improve the site’s ranking, PR, weight, collection and so on, if you stop a careful arrangement, Shanghai "dragon promotion optimization work site plan for yourself, make the purpose of website promotion, rather than thinking about what the fresh way with above in the promotion website, today is not a big website prompted by a sudden impulse to reform, do not wait until tomorrow the incoming tide stopped the pace and website operation. We all know that an enterprise website, if the real issue to the Internet will be around the enterprise with the development, so do website optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon also like doing business, we must first have a talk about the implementation of plans and goals, so we can have the plan targets to carry out our work, there is such a virtuous cycle after the website will help the enterprise to create more value and economic sources. For example, the current promotion in the operation of cosmetic photography nets, I was on this site for the arrangement and operation plan, an extension of the

3. extension station resources platform:

B. blog update schedule in the morning after the end of classified information to the noon meal before a period of time, it is about 10:30 I posted this.

A. submission to the A5 webmaster or the owners of the house, out of time, the author arranged at 7:50 in the morning to 8:50.


2. release information classification: I will usually publish classified information in the update site, that is to say at 9:30 to 10:30 is the day when I publish classified information time.

1. update: basically I was arranged at 8:50 in the morning to 9:30, time spent a total of 40 minutes (if for large portals, I believe that one day can be divided into 3 periods: update, such as around 9 in the morning time, about 1:30 in the afternoon, about 5:30 in the afternoon a time again, if you have time and energy can keep updated once a day at 9:30 in the evening. But the general webmaster will be at night to write second days to update the site with the article, so I do not advocate the evening update website.

review: in Shanghai Longfeng website promotion optimization, often want to quickly make some stand hand to the rank of the website and website PR, included weight, etc. a great reform, but often reform kind but the result is a result, but in the face of these outcomes is to continue. So, for the novice in the website optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon, and the overall effect should be how to treat the web site to bring more income for the enterprise? The following is the author in some experience in cosmetic photography network operation harvest, hope to be able to help in this matter and confused webmaster a revelation.

are probably as follows:


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