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Community electricity supplier era big coffee teach you 3 strokes quickly improve store traffic


for the promotion of Taobao store traffic, each seller is thinking about every day, there are a variety of methods to improve store traffic, hard to perform an arbitrary, your shop sales are not bad. The coming 618, Yong today to share some rapid promotion methods and techniques of flow shop.

give you a few tips for mapping:

.The design of The

make use of the background display >

graphic design sense is prominent, and with

, a high hit

next, make a comparison. In some cases, to analyze, look at your picture is not the norm, is not open in the right way, remember that a good picture must be consistent with the public aesthetic taste and

2.: in the drawing time, different angles of the figure do more, and then after testing, according to the data, click on the left was the best, must rely on the data, can not rely on feeling, but also to observe the location of competitors, let their baby stay in the most advantageous position.

want a high click, there must be a great promotion, whether it is or is the main promotion map, map baby or a good picture have decided the baby click rate level, the same opportunity to show, if you click rate higher than doubled than the company, you flow as can be imagined. Don’t always say their baby no traffic, said before the first look at your baby pictures is not done.

3. unified: in drawing time, must ensure the overall style and their stores are overlapped, and the tone of the product itself, remember that pirates should be cautious ah

1. prominent selling point: a picture is the most important thing is to reflect the baby the main selling point, what is the needs of buyers, to show what this will attract buyers come to see your baby, don’t is the old routine, shipping seckill, etc., to play new tricks otherwise, the buyer is the same, what point to open your

image sense must be strong, outstanding visual effects, and then with the copy, the purpose is to attract more buyers click click, and display them for selling products or promotions, to suit for example, we can see the following I will give you two pictures to find the first seems to feel this. The quality is too poor, rough work, simple PS a bit, let a person feel no sincerity, not to mention a sense of design, is not a joke for sure? We look at second, it was a tall, and luxury goods have a spell ah, not sexy, from the image background well, copy writing, can make people feel is hard to do, in the display of the baby at the same time, also highlight the selling points. Two compare, you think what the click rate will be higher.


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