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2014 Shanghai dragon is not a single ranking optimization

user resources

said users of resources, first we need to understand that our marketing object is what person, man or woman? How old are you? What? Or what conditions. You try to use your friends to see [statistical view] your friends belong to what kind of people, whether your products are suitable for them. If it is, then it’s better, because you will send out any of your products.

search engine is not a single ranking, because now the search engine may not give you a good ranking in a short time, if you in 3 months not available to you BOSS on IP200+, then you will probably be out of your boss. If you do not have the ability to do web site search engine ranking source flow for 200+ in 3 months, so you can try to do promotion and marketing, because BOSS most want to see is to make money, even if there is no traffic, the conversion rate of standard, BOSS also does not say what.

win at the starting line, has the advantages of software can save you much time, say you in the big data marketing, you have a large QQ data, you have no time and energy to management, and the QQ data lost empty, you might as well buy certain software to manage large data. For example, your website is not IP for 100+ days, but no one is to consult you, such as the purchase of QQ marketing cloud grab its visitors QQ number, to take the initiative. In the network, the user is always lazy, so if you don’t take the initiative of the skills, then you will always lose at the starting line. As for the details of the software, I will not say, everybody thinks that is free of advertising, you think marketing which software is useful to you, you can try to do it.

if you stay in the chain search engine ranking, it is recommended that you feel give up the chain, the day outside the chain of time, to see someone else’s website is how to do search engine optimization. If you stay in Shanghai Longfeng content, so you feel to learn about how to do marketing, by way of submission to drainage. If you stay in a single ranking website, it is recommended that feeling to give up Shanghai Longfeng, spend time in the station traffic marketing.

said the Shanghai dragon, ninety-nine percent people will think of Shanghai dragon is a search engine ranking, looks very one-sided work, but ER do so by Shanghai Longfeng not ordinary, so Shanghai dragon is not a search engine ranking live. If you are a company of Shanghai dragon ER, then you should not do all search engine optimization, but the integrated marketing analysis.

What is the name of the


marketing and promotion of search engine rankings look relatively complex, in fact, direct marketing and promotion can improve its own search engine, if you are a novice Shanghai dragon ER, then you must learn some basic knowledge of marketing, at the same time, you must also have basic marketing resources.


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