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360 a comprehensive search of the years you have ignored the


360 comprehensive search to correct the newborn does not follow the robot protocol for the first launch related record information site appears in the search results in the type of medical website, love Shanghai and Sogou continue to follow up, also record information website in the relevant search results, reminding users of website security. We can see the importance of website security in a birth, their sense of innovation is a major bright spot.


search engine in the world which is always love Shanghai as "originator" exists, whether or not love it, you have to pay homage to it, because you need it, even now there are a lot of people dissatisfied with the love of Shanghai, but Shanghai is like love your lover, you have been accustomed to its presence and even if it has a number of weaknesses, you still reluctant to leave it. 360 search is a later launched search, but rely on their own strong 360 user groups, was born in Shanghai, blockbuster, and love with vigour and vitality "3B Sogou off the war, war is the result of the 360 died, but a comprehensive search in infant child was born.


is the 360 comprehensive search page, relatively simple atmosphere, compared to the new home now love Shanghai, in fact, the search engine is relatively simple picture is still favored by the users, such as Google, Google picture is always simple and clean, not too much to embellish, 360 continues the search engine simple, but this simple estimate ignored by you, love Shanghai new home is much, but this and the function of search engine is draw further apart. Although I basically do not have 360 comprehensive search, but occasionally, it still has merit.

compared to the previous love Shanghai news page interspersed with advertisements, 360 search news and more clean atmosphere, the news is the news, there is no advertising, it should be more users favor. After all, if you look at the news just by advertisers, I think, is not necessary by the user sin.

360 news column three search plate, its news search, Google news, love Shanghai news, really not negative "comprehensive", three options for users to choose, not love Shanghai so bossy to only allow the user to use love Shanghai, and of course this location the relationship. But the 360 move is more close to the people some users to multiple choice.


in the micro-blog world, micro-blog already spread into.


in the web page column is a blend of 360 comprehensive search, love Shanghai, Google three search options, allowing users to choose their own, this is a sign of weakness or people? The latter means are estimated.



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