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Google PR irreplaceable importance in 2012 for the first time update

2, write soft Wen contribute

that GG no PR intends to cancel, or pay more attention to the comparison website PR zero last year, it was considered PR to cancel, in fact, until now, although we do not pay attention to say PR, but still a lot of places to see the PR, especially when you judged site and exchange links. So when the upgrade PR we have to upgrade pr.

if there are several high PR station hands, can do cross links with each other. Or find some friends, actually a lot of time and many webmaster chat, understanding, in exchange for a Links easily, this is your human resources.

and some of the same type, the same site exchange links, increase the number of the chain. We follow PR high site exchange links are generally not too easy, the other will not easily link to, update speed so we can improve their website rankings and snapshots, give each other a convincing reason is: our website ranking, snapshot update speed, the weight to the search engine high.

good, you can write some text, plus links to the platform, once through submission, can easily be reproduced on other websites. This can bring a lot of links, very helpful to enhance the website weight.

1, a lot of high quality friend chain link website

3, the chain increased

three, how to improve the site PR value

included a new station, articles are similar, Links are also the only one, but only a PR update for the 2, but fell in love with the sea is home K has yet to recover the site, so the chain in the PR in the process of ascension is also very important.

filed under Links platform or add some QQ group to find suitable link exchange website.



PR, a new year again to update

2, a lot of the chain website

1, exchange of high quality derived less chain


two, guess which sites PR update

China every traditional festival, the noble baby will always give the webmaster in some small gifts, it is a big update PR. If to live according to the practice, the Spring Festival period should be nobility baby for you in the New Year gift to the webmaster. But this year Google did not give us the desired gifts, noble baby after the Lantern Festival owners to offer a gift. The following specific to talk about Google this update:

I have 3

, the site of high quality and little export chain can bring high PR output, which is why many websites to spend a lot of money to buy high quality PR, and not just in order to rank

We all know that


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