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Create a cup beyond perfect breast shape female health network

to create the perfect chest Cup beyond


, kneeling pushups

on his knees, legs bent, always keep between the thigh and the calf was 90 degrees. Hands hold to, palms width greater than shoulder width. Slowly bend the elbow, chest will be hard to stick to the ground, repeat 8 ~ 10 times for the 1 groups, do the group of 3 every day.

action Essentials: to remain in the process to do the movements of the chest and abdomen, the body down and inspiration, and exhale.

2, arms flat

the body erect, knees slightly bent, legs shoulder width apart, hands holding a small dumbbell (or 1 bottles of mineral water), alternate arms do forward flat movements, repeated 8 ~ 10 times every day to do 3 groups.

Essentials: always keep the knee slightly bent in the process of action, at the same time, abdomen, chest, arms up and down when the breath, inhale.

3, double arm swing

standing body, legs shoulder width apart, arms to both sides of the shoulder with parallel swing and move forward, so that the fingers touch his hands, palms down, go back, repeat 15 ~ 20 times every day to do 3 groups.

Essentials: in the course of action in should always keep the abdomen, chest, natural breathing.

4, office stretching action

the body erect, hands from behind to seize back, then gradually squat, until no longer feel stretched so far, and then slowly lifted up, leaned back, hold for 10~20 seconds, repeat 2 times, can at any time to practice every day.

Action Essentials:

or not in the process of drawing breath over the movements in the.

5, outdoor sports

swing arm swing or swing fast

can also use the same climbing or walking props — walking stick, the arms swing in the walk, can make the ectopectoralis continuous stretching and contraction at the same time, with a deep breath, this is the most effective exercise on the chest.

(internship editor: Tan Shumei)


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