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Let your love without fear of Shanghai Longfeng test in Shanghai (2)

suddenly one day, the Shanghai Department of a bolt from the blue, dragon means failure, leading to his source has shrunk dramatically, he completely at a loss during that time, from the technical adjustment to a large number of products with the change until the layoffs are unable to solve the problem, he told me that only from the head again, this is the only choice, but this choice because of the sharp drop in revenue and more difficult.

above reading "make you the Shanghai dragon fearless love Shanghai test series (1)": "on the other hand, we talk about the quality, will not be judged as" Shanghai love chain cheat ". The quality of the chain is difficult to upgrade, do not want to change can change the link, they often have a very high weight, can be improved with sea index, link stability, pointing to the nature, so love Shanghai’s favor and reward……"

as a Shanghai Phoenix, our work is the reception of every hue to me seeking advice to help people.

the past year of love Shanghai behavior observation and analysis of the status quo, we can conclude that the love of Shanghai to develop rules is not immutable and frozen, the contrary is constantly changing. With the development of Shanghai love technology, it search for the "super chain cheat" mode and in the root directory to delete non natural links to work more and more handy, more natural and non natural link used in disguise was discovered and punished.

PS: in view of the above situation, as the Shanghai dragon, I reiterate and emphasize my point of view, to focus on the long term, don’t study the left of what is love Shanghai is not detected, but to think about how to do something in line with the search engine accepted Shanghai dragon operation. With love of Shanghai continues to expand the definition of "super chain cheating" concept, if you continue to bigotry, one day, you will be added to the strike team to love Shanghai.

as far as I know, the executive power is very strong, three years time, the Commissioner of the chain from about 8 growth in 20, every day the chain in bulk to the page of the import plan, and between the inside pages of one is very rich, black chain, mass blog group, supply stations with external links, Everfount. They have been doing it this way, the situation is good when the long tail word flow a women’s health network can reach 200 thousand IP/ daily, very profitable.

is now a lot of people are talking about.

Xie once Shanghai Longfeng experience the most brutal, is witnessing a customer’s change radically. The customer is the electricity supplier chiefs, because it is the hometown of Hunan, know each other since 09 years we have been in contact, he and his team have established their own websites, through the Taobao search engine for customers, advertising alliance and Shanghai dragon to maintain the profits of the company. In four years, we have repeatedly communicate, Shanghai dragon is all a way of investment in promotion of the highest price, a division of the Department of Shanghai dragon so he is also the most important.


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