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Mining and Optimization on site long tail keywords

After the end of ?In fact,

mining method of long tail keywords very much, have the tools to mining, mining from Shanghai can also love the drop-down box, as well as from Shanghai, competitors know love local mining, but these methods are not suitable for us to do the long tail keywords optimization, so give some down to earth approach. I come from the rival mining site. Use Adsense tools, search a certain well-known competitors website, find their own website, use the document records.

also needs so simple, you can do that competitors have already done, so we want to rank ahead, we have to increase the value of the article, the user needs is the most basic requirement is that the value of our site is incidental function.

said it is in writing, may be a lot of Shanghai dragon ER think optimization boring, do you have 1000 long tail keywords ranking, you have to have 1000 page ah, as the content of the page, pictures, video or text, the words you have to weigh yourself and the mode of the website. All in all cannot do without the 1000 page.

how to mining the long tail keywords

for the novice friends, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon think it is necessary in the long tail keywords repeat, for example: target keywords "our Shanghai dragon", so the long tail keywords can be divided into "Shanghai dragon," what is the meaning of "Shanghai dragon tutorial" and "Shanghai dragon optimization".

then in the article, we need to do some optimization techniques, within the recommended chain is a technique of optimization is the most important, the chain optimization mainly to grasp the correlation, is simply related to the keywords you link and the link to the website, not half dime link up is cheating how will K station. Is not recommended to link to the home page and column page, because >

article can have ranking, open free to find a key thesaurus, you think you can write the words, then tap the long tail keywords demand.

what kind of keywords is what we want?


mining, we can see that we are in demand, the paper introduced in detail to the demand for it, what are the differences and the differences between them.

How to optimize the long tail keywords How to write The first second

there are hundreds of long tail keywords, how to put him on the front page of the whole day, a day for two days is impossible, it takes time to hone, since the long tail word ranking, then the long tail word page, as your page is suitable for text and keywords the pictures and video that you need to weigh the blog, and my words are more suitable for keywords, so I have the long tail keywords ranking.

related industries, competition is relatively small, the third love Shanghai index data.


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