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Micro-blog marketing skills and stepsMillet myth completely ended, entrepreneurs future battlefield

according to statistics, Sina, micro-blog’s user base has reached a staggering two hundred million, Tencent, micro-blog is no exception. Obviously, micro-blog has become the most fashionable, popular and popular social tool in China, even in the world, with the expansion of its small user base. We in the streets, bus, table, classroom, home and office can see a group of young people with a mobile phone micro-blog micro-blog play, as can be imagined how much influence, it has become a part of young people’s daily life. As long as there is a place where people can, promotion, micro-blog such a big cake, can not let businesses have many webmaster drool with envy! Also see benefits, quickly seize this trend to do micro-blog promotion. Indeed, micro-blog promotion if done well, can bring considerable traffic and interests, but also to obtain the user’s data to optimize the user experience, so micro-blog promotion should be how to do? Let’s talk about the skills and Strategies of micro-blog promotion:

‘s preliminary work is done, we’ll have to do a more important post – the new micro-blog content. We can’t always release duplicate micro-blog, that will let customers slowly lost interest in you, only updated every day the user is interested in innovative content, in order to improve the user experience, make your fans more loyal.

even, some of the electricity supplier brand has been desperately looking for film and television drama implanted opportunities, and even investment in film and television. Because entertainment is a big flow portal. Lei Jun and Liu Shishi and Wu Xiubo stood together, not because he loves the entertainment circle, but traffic is too damn expensive.

determines the theme of a good micro-blog, it is necessary to determine the personality style for micro-blog. Micro-blog can not do too ordinary, do not make a look, that is, advertising micro-blog, but try to please the target customer’s favor. So we registered micro-blog, not eager for the achievement of the website publicity, but try to improve their own data, select the representative picture, attractive profile, let customers realize our micro-blog will give users what information, what kind of customer experience. Micro-blog is best known for its originality and interactivity, and interactive micro-blog is better for users to remember you.

in fact, this trend has been obvious since the end of last year. Millet more and more difficult, in fact, is a signal; and Sina micro-blog profits can be regarded as a late explanation. The rise of IP and the entertainment industry, is the line of the old who are looking for a new value of depression. Other stars and IP prices rose to a certain extent, the dividend will be gone, the star is not so proud.

control time, clever hair micro-blog. A better micro-blog, if it is covered by other content, is also a failure. Of course, we’re not stupid enough to release early in the morning, but we should be better at using our free time to publish micro-blog content

again, many people do poineering work.

millet and people entrepreneurship, these two topics have any relationship?

, and enterprises always want to find effective channels refer to the public number "new money" on a "love hate Amy", where the user price is low, the enterprise will go where?. Now online traffic is too high, we have to go to the next line to find users. The market has played a role in the allocation of resources, automatically fill all the "value depression."".

why is the online cost getting more expensive?

first of all, we should do a good job of market segmentation, positioning target groups. We registered in micro-blog, micro-blog first to set a theme, such as: Mall, jokes, shopping, fashion, beauty and other categories, only the theme clear information to be able to attract users, we want to get a full understanding of our user groups before deciding to understand her love, what they concern what, hate what, to really attract the target group is the success of micro-blog micro-blog.


millet core is not passive, millet mode is not good, but the fundamentals of Internet traffic changes, which led to the fundamentals of Chinese business structure of online and offline costs have been highly consistent.


two years ago, the line costs will appear relatively high, so all enterprises rushed to the online to get users, so online traffic prices have been rising. Including Sina micro-blog BAT, is a natural monopoly company, they have become the Chinese Internet three mountains, goose plucking, flow price so high.

, starting in 2012, has countless opportunities for new flows social media +App. In the process of user migration, all walks of life have the opportunity to intercept users at a low price, thus creating a scene for many people to start a business. Use >

Abstract: Lei Jun and Liu Shishi, Wu Xiubo stood together, not because he loves the entertainment circle, but traffic is too damn expensive.

when your micro-blog fans reach a certain amount, you can start promotion. It is important to note that everything should have a degree, when the truth believe that we all know, the content of the advertisement release can not be too frequent, don’t try to release the next day with the continuous. Don’t lose micro-blog’s personality because of a lot of advertising. It will only make the attention drop, or even cancel the attention, so you have picked up the sesame and lost the watermelon.

millet rapid rise, because the continuous grasp of the three air outlet: micro-blog, APP, WeChat. Now the three winds have stopped. And millet into the bottleneck instead, yesterday Sina micro-blog released quarterly net profit rose 516%. Micro-blog is reaping profits.

is just a microcosm of micro-blog share price gains across the board. The big trend is that TMT’s online costs are getting higher and higher, and the line costs of conventional vendors, which are generally considered expensive, are becoming consistent. So millet this good online traffic, air force companies, now no longer have an advantage.



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