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What signals does WeChat’s official release of the dynamic visual component library deliverThe Tata

What are

in order to be more like WeChat OS

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December 16th, WeChat officially released the WeUI dynamic visual component library. WeUI is a basic style library consistent with WeChat’s native visual experience, designed by WeChat’s official design team for WeChat’s web pages and WeChat applets designed to allow users to feel more unified.


two and weui.js?

Abstract: WeChat officially released WeUI dynamic visual component library, which means that we can in a small program, the use of visual components in the official design document in the appendix directly without the need for additional introduction of other libraries.

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channel stability and experience enough:

Why did the

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when sh419, UC and other platforms launched light applications, more is just a platform for reverse flow and connection

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and WeChat team before, not simply in order to give developers and users to provide a platform to connect, not only to do so simple a traffic entrance platform, but to create a perfect ecological WeChat OS.


detailed documentation: dwz.cn/4QTFrm


four and WeChat team publish the official visual component library at this time:

weui.js is a lightweight JS package for WeUI that does not rely on other libraries, but only 9 KB after GZIP.

What components are included in

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contains various elements such as button, cell, dialog, progress, toast, article, actionsheet, icon, and so on.


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three, usage:



technology is strong, platform new:

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, weui.js,


Compared with light application platform

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