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Detailed analysis of the status quo and future trends of Ali motherLook to play traffic flow, advert


4, advertising and traffic mode switching is very convenient. Play flow union support dual mode, which is advertised a dual-mode advertising on the page, I can do some advertising position, feeling the effect can not switch directly into traffic patterns, without having to access code, save the settings after the page immediately, pretty cool.

on the new site, because Ali mother refused to give the audit, is the largest " website is not complete; ", as alimama Ali Mama advertising that website construction is not complete, for the detailed analysis of the problem, in my earlier article chinese521.cn/Article.asp? ID=64 has talked about:

5, display bit ranking, display, snapshot and other features, very convenient. Play flow alliance provides the display snapshot function, I created a lot of shows, sometimes I am confused, the function is also good, I can see I placed in what position play flow union code.

recently, Ali mother stepped up the site review, a large number of sites have been K off. But I believe that at least 90% of the stations are cheating. There are a few not cheating, although not very fair, I believe it is better to Ali mother for their own development, but also to China network pure adjustment of course, is their own interests. ha ha ~ some integrity webmaster’s website has also been crazy, and this is indeed Ali’s mother is not, but I hope this article will not infringe on you, thank you for your understanding.

first, the first said the China number of sites, large and small can not count can be used to describe, is the so-called " the big woods, what birds are " but, the owners of these, the number of cheating always greater than the integrity of the webmaster webmaster. It is " before the money, no one, " what can make money, as long as the money, regardless of the way to earn money. This is not a responsible attitude, is a kind of immoral behavior, but now the webmaster more take is to bypass anti cheat system alliance, using money cheating means to achieve the purpose of making the invisible network of pure world, dirty.

for the master application of the mom website also began to Taigaomenka, reason for this economic crisis, more reason is now too many webmaster, as was said before " the big woods, what birds are ". Ali’s mother had to resort to a restriction for her own development.

6, play flow Union home page you declare does not deduct the amount, I do not believe that any alliance does not deduct the amount, but they do provide a real-time query click data, I often point to check their ads, click on a real-time water without my IP, each has a detailed record for friends to click on the test are also normal, so I believe. What’s more, the click record of traffic is not only real-time query, but also <

said below Ali mother’s recent movements.

recently found that playing flow alliance also started to do the promotion, the League last year in use, the user is old, always feel quite cool to play traffic is quite special, I used all the Union and other are not the same, I quite appreciate their program, also very love something new to him who. My station is the movie station, talking about my use of traffic League, and why I’ve been playing traffic League for so long.

3, the trading hall is very active and points can be sold quickly. I hung the traffic exchange code is directly set the decline point, accumulation integral model, I have got the trading hall to sell the integral. Now about the unit price is 2 cents, a IP, every time I go to release points, there will soon be buyers to buy, basically released transactions, half a day can be completed.

did Ali mother alliance webmaster, have this feeling too good for mom, as long as the application can be passed, however, as one of the largest domestic advertising alliance, Ali mother asked to stationmaster is also more and more high, the former kind of application by the time has gone for ever.

2, you can take full advantage of the site’s IP. My position is hanging some ad code, one user at a time is directly based on the advertising price advertising, in other pages repeatedly click, but also to calculate flow integral, integral can be used as a flow return, you can also get the trading hall for cash. I’m afraid this function is only to play traffic alliance, I did before the other alliances are not, I feel traffic efficiency.

some but the reason is the presence of substandard website content, the processing method is: the site of the unqualified content to delete such as free brush flow, pornographic pictures, erotic movies, etc. for web content to the mom unqualified content based stations survive, please do not apply for the it, or change the website content, or for the Ali mother alliance to apply for other alliances, such as GG or other domestic union.

1, which has a high click through rate, means I can earn more advertising and traffic revenue. I hung the play flow union advertising, probably about 2.9 cents per click because it is advertisement carousel, some advertising unit price is low, looks than some union is low, but the click rate so high ah, than that nearly 1 cents a click price but thousands of IP point less than a few times advertising to make some. My station is 5000 IP a day, and I can earn 3 to 4 yuan a day. Before hanging a union advertising, 8 cents a click, 1 dollars a day more money.


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