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To expose some insider PTC Wangzhuan stationThrough Amazon’s goal, strategy, tactics and mode, in or

4. national and webmaster


but the similarities between the two are at a deeper level: Colligan and Mackey both made the same analysis mistakes – they misunderstood their opponents’ goals, strategies, and tactics. See Colligan and iPhone example, it is easier to understand: Apple’s goal is not to create a mobile phone, but to create a more personalized personal computer; their strategy is not to add functionality to the mobile phone, but the mobile phone is simplified into a app; their tactics is not done with operators, but to use them customer contact for the privilege.

PTC Wangzhuan is familiar to the free Wangzhuan type, click on the so-called money online, but we all, does anyone know the story behind these sites, how profitable, some insider mode. Today, I share what I have learned with all of us. I hope it will help us all.

A. national conditions are different, seems to involve history, politics, it is not here to start statements, you can find the answer online search.

in 2006, when iPhone was still a legend, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan said when he spoke about whether he was worried, "

5. domestic returning agent and foreign returning agent

B. India members of the overall English level higher than the Chinese people, they are widely active in foreign well-known forums, occupy an important place, skinned than the Chinese people, so that the webmaster dare not despise.

3. purchased offline components

is like a chain around the neck of a member. In this case, the member is always in the weak position.


PTC, the ADS is like a big piece of cake, delicious, every one want to cut down, but can not do this cake cream, which is just a model material may be plastic, wood, iron and steel, when you cut it, not only it unscathed, and will damage the cutting tool you, ADS like catalyst, only catalytic acceleration, don’t hurt yourself.

: in that case, it might use WiFi technology to sell through the Apple store rather than through Verion or Cingular operators." Colligan says so.

"we worked hard all these years, is to create a good mobile phone," he said: "computer people because it is a whole do not understand, they will not easily enter the field."

"what if Jobs’s company really turns iPod into a mobile phone?"

editor: Amazon Co is ambitious and wants to get a slice of all its economic activity. Famous technology critic Ben Thompson believes that Amazon’s AWS and Prime services are successful because they can benefit from economies of scale, support the development of their own business with Amazon service, using the same model only AmazonFresh, Amazon acquired Whole Foods to realize the true value.

with "half ghost" to describe more appropriate, before the Sand, Out, Short, Neo now, is relatively Neo, like an actuary, each Bot contribution value set is quite accurate, but Short Neo also want to learn, but learning is neither fish nor fowl. "The sale of the same day, Bots Short is the biggest flaw in one day at the same time to stop working, the IQ of less than 3 year old webmaster friends.


therefore, it is necessary to strengthen our internal skills training, not only in technology and language, but also in order to regain those important positions.

TOS said "do not limit the number of referrals", in essence, the most fear is commissionable webmaster has a large number of referrals, don’t they know that Chinese stationmaster commissionable bad? Sure, but dare not say, because it violated their own set of TOS, equal to the lift hand hit my face.

the strength of the Chinese people is undoubtedly very powerful, there are also few foreign master inside the good bird. Who do not want to make money good? The problem is not in the money, jiaodimayou, a handle, it is irresponsible, India three strength should not be ignored, "expert" but rarely hear why There are plenty of people who, for their criticism, I think there are two reasons:

Mackey’s misunderstanding of Amazon is even more subtle and deeper: Although iPhone>

on Friday, Amazon announced a $13 billion 700 million acquisition of Whole Foods, I think this sentence, after all, just two years ago, Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey have predicted that Amazon will encounter in the food department here in Waterloo. Prediction and reality Colligan difference one hundred and eight thousand, Palm Apple has been far behind to catch up, but the Mackey situation more awkward, he will be the Amozon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos are called "food stores Napoleon", now Jeff Bezos became his boss.


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