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  • sh419 Big League certified member of exclusive salon free eventDoes our small station still have to

sh419 Big League certified member of exclusive salon free eventDoes our small station still have to

templateI do Don’t worry about

template, too many people with no personality


, did not do, still mediocre, one day earn a few bucks,

The content of

to solve this problem, then I started the revision:

technology has friends, this article can give you some inspiration?

never do too little, the reverse link. Oh… No perseverance.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

did not understand the optimization, blog is also not popular… On their own pages as "… A little bit by hand to add content..

learned the experience of www.98kankan.cn from the beginning, I started to do good

in 2003 the establishment of pure static website: in alliance, is a star of the website

for almost a year, do not earn money flow, but I spent 2 interest in the template, just a few days you can buy a set of

DVD in 2008 started the lazy lrdvd.cn

but because my template is doing a good job, after doing a show in the official network, many friends asked me if I could share the template

page generation, virtual host capacity is not enough.

so I started selling ~~

on the acquisition, it is needless to say, one of the key problem of

template, this templateBut because of the promotion of The official

started sh419 included good, but not much IP, then it is less and less, facing almost dangerous

later began to analyze the reason:

dear sh419 alliance certification member,

web2.0 era, data display, online advertising and online games Internet business is the main source of profits.

1, Web2.0 era, how to carry out marketing? What can whole web ads help me with?
2, Web2.0 times, what’s the way to make money?
3, advertising streaming trend is becoming increasingly evident, how can there be surprise advertising innovation to attract groups?

then you will learn valuable 2007 new media & internet report product essence, assist you in strategic planning. At the same time, you can also with many guests in the industry, Analysys analysts together to explore the prospects for online advertising development. Jointly promote the rapid development of China’s web2.0. For details please refer to the activities of

Union address: http://s.up.sh419/

on acquisition, no way, but we can manually modify the contents of the

2007: 98kankan.cn

lazy Theater

simple talk about my site in course of

generation html


although not only 100rmb~~ but this is indeed I earn in the network the first money ah ~ ~!! Wahaha….

own template, let sh419 fresh

began to do some promotion

K profile

finally, has faced included only 8 pages in sh419, started some rotary ~ ~ ha ha ha ~~

The content of


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