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09 years personal forum profit model developmentAnalysis of new ideas for making money online in 200


traditional advertising profit model basically no what is the role of small owners, a month can not earn much money, of course, here refers to the regular standing friends, garbage station, short-term money throwing station will not forget. Alliance is not as good as in previous years, the amount of serious deduction, regular standing, it is difficult to have a breakthrough profit. Especially do BBS webmaster, in the SNS rage for 08 years, the second half, BBS not only promotion development difficult, user stickiness more and more difficult to increase. In the new year, the forum personal profit model is not really a breakthrough? Not two years ago, one of my friends, he had to do is auto forum at first and most website, through cooperation and some auto companies display advertising to profit, but the profit is also fixed a straight very low. Until last year, he changed the profit model, let me also have to think about, do vertical class BBS webmaster should broaden their profit model, I think should be called carrier mode. What is the carrier model? By combining your forum with a certain class of products to realize the profitability of the forum, it reflects the specific performance of the carrier.

2009 is destined to be an extraordinary year, work is not stable, lower wages and prices, get married, buy a house, house decoration and so on, all this let us struggle in suffering, but we continue to look at the sunset and longing for the sun tomorrow, have some problems, like all contradictions all the money and have a causal relation that can not say, the start of the webmaster is to grow in dire straits, there are challenges and opportunities, it has to have the harvest, there is pain there is sunshine. Let us grow together in invisible torment and support each other. Below share some experience of the author in recent months to run around the waist up.

four, careful >

two, hold on, not three days fishing nets two days of drying. Each of us will have a common problem is to make money, don’t give up, especially under external pressure, such as emotional investment, buy a house, get married, want to do more than the reason, the method is more important than foolhardy, don’t daydream, to do, to be good at summing up method have the courage to learn from their predecessors. Actually, the formula for making money is effort + method.

focus station thinking hope you 09 years arrogant soaring. You are also welcome to share website marketing and promotion strategy with me.

in fact, there are probably many webmasters who have already done this, and I just said it for you to know. And indeed vertical class is suitable for personal webmaster to do, because ordinary personal Adsense can not all the details, and secondly, the portal basic stereotypes, want to carve up a little cake is impossible.

three, the search engine is the Shaolin Temple monks. I believe you have seen the "Shaolin Temple", thanks to the Shaolin Temple monks as a teacher, do not know to repeatedly beat, eat much bitter, but eventually a zhengguo. The search engine is the same, even if you are an old domain name is updated every day he is like a cat and mouse seems too high and it down for a while, a few days give you high weight, a few days in the first page right down, down home, like a layer of clothes for people like, have no way please let him, he.

also has access to the Internet for 7 years, do stand for a few years from now, the network, install the software as simple as website, phpwind, discuz, Dvbbs, Dede, and many other excellent websites Empire free program let ordinary users can easily set up their own website. Then, in more and more people into the ranks of the webmaster, the problem is also facing more and more, about promotion, SEO, SEM, are constantly developing.

one, use the network to sell goods, make money more than advertising alliance. Many new Adsense network saw a lot of Wangzhuan experience, but their struggle for a few months to be discouraged because of spending more than their income, even give up. There are many reasons for failure. Blind imitation and follow the trend are the main reasons for the failure. Another important reason is that the housework must be clear, and the network can not make too much money in the short term. We can only try to reduce himself to the success of time, but cannot violate this rule, More haste, less speed.! I think the best way through the practice of short-term money is to use the network to sell things, of course, choose something must have certain advantages, such as I choose a project is the product of burdock choice, a very important reason for this project is my hometown is the production, and the network has little selling this stuff, a lot of information, found that burdock is a good health supplies, somewhat similar to the history of big brother naobaijin. Of course, technical support is also very important, such as the old domain name + original, this is very important, my address is www.kuzone burdock network, you can check on the net is a 99 year old domain name registration, search engines are very popular with the old, called: spicy ginger or old. Suggest selling products and advertising alliances combine to make money.

specifically, for example, my friend is the car to do the kind of forum, a lot of plate is a type of car, so when his forum has certain popularity and fixed users after a certain, he can be combined with a carrier to achieve the forum marketing, toy factory this carrier and his choice is a the model, finally through the forum to achieve sales models into, so as to achieve a new marketing mode. Of course, different forum users are not the same, the loyal users of automotive websites are part of the white-collar workers who want to buy a car. First, it has a certain capacity to spend. Second, love itself on the same car, of course, of course, love and models of cars. So we do vertical class BBS webmaster can combine their own user base and user group consumption ability to plan their own profit mode method and development direction.


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