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Women see the chest maintenance manual female health network

avoid wearing inappropriate bra, or simply do not wear a bra. Choose the right bra is a necessary measure to protect the chest, not to be let down. To choose the type of moderate wear bra, bra has no sense of extrusion, should be selected to cover the outer edge of the breast all styles. Bra straps should not be too? Or too tight, both sides spacing should be moderate, not too far or near.

bust is the best cotton texture, do not use chemical fiber materials. Some girls are often not wearing a bra, think? Breast has not been developed, it is not necessary to wear a bra, in fact, this is completely mistaken! If a term not wearing bust, not only easy to make breast sagging, are also vulnerable to external damage. As long as wearing the right bra, will not affect the development of breast, but no harm.

appropriate chest massage can not only relieve the breast, but also can make the breast more plump, prevent relaxation anti-aging. More importantly, regular massage can also be found in lumps and other breast lesions, so as to timely medical treatment. Methods: the chest massage hands hold the breast below the interaction, gently lift, and then hold the outside to push the breast. Massage can be painted some olive oil or natural moisturizing lotion, massage can be more smooth, but also to protect the skin of the breast.

breast disease causes a lot of bad habits.

    please refer to the following three habits of six breast food, let your life more healthy and breast.

some women taking hormone drugs in order to make the breast fullness, resulting in endocrine disorders, increase the likelihood of breast diseases, The loss outweighs the gain.

depression, nervousness will increase body fat levels, optimistic relaxed attitude, keep away from smoking and drinking coffee and other irritating things, is very important for breast health.


? Is the traditional breast vegetables, eat together with yam, chicken liver, blood can be nursed back to health, make breast more plump, can improve skin color and moist feeling.

papaya is the food of choice for breast, sweet nature, served with red dates like blood nourishing food, helps digestion stomach, nourishing prolactin, Tiaojing Qi, nourishing the body, also has therapeutic effect on dyspepsia.

walnut and pine nuts contain vitamin E, and zinc rich in linolenic acid, can delay the aging breast in addition made food protein, minerals and vitamin B is also very rich, is a beauty salon moisturizing jiapin.

corn contains vitamin E, is also one of the breast health experts respected health food.

quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and vitamin A, E, and so on, egg yolk cholesterol in the development of breast more favorable.

peanuts and black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, can promote ovarian development and improvement, while promoting the growth of breast tube, so that the breast more plump.


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