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  • About two weeks ago nine wins the National Commission issued instructionsLovelorn cure using Mend fo

About two weeks ago nine wins the National Commission issued instructionsLovelorn cure using Mend fo

recently, I asked her something about Mend, how she wanted to start Mend? She and Jessica · how to work with the

, everybody:


Mend founder Eyre incorporated her unique view into the application. Her thoughts stem from her own experience, and her parting experience is the first step in her quest for help, and now she’s dedicated to helping people deal with relationships. Like many of the founders in Lightspeed, the company was born out of the solution to the problem Eyre was looking for. Users who log in to Mend need to fill out a personalized questionnaire, and in addition, the APP will communicate with users and provide community support and AI Q & a support for Q& A. It’s like you talk face to face with your life guru or therapist. The application of encouraging people to take those who can improve their adaptability to the action, including meditation, diary, full of gratitude, making plans and setting goals, exercise and other have been shown to improve well-being activities.

editor’s note: in the entrepreneurial world, many innovations arise because the founder’s own problems cannot be answered under existing conditions. Also, from the Lightspeed Venture Nicole Quinn shared her interview with the founder of Ellen Mend in "Un-break my heart.", as a solution to the application and the relationship between people, it is a heart in the margin of the founders experience.

Eyre recently publicly explained why she founded Mend. Recently, Mend ranked second in App Store, "our favorite new app", and became the "New York Times" fashion section.

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should be used?

Eyre: I was born in Texas in the spring. There was an entrepreneur’s mother and a scientist’s father. The entrepreneurial spirit is our family tradition, my grandfather came to America from Mexico in his teens, after a struggle he became an entrepreneur from a farm worker, even though he also in learning English and need to support six children. So, when I resigned from shlf1314 to achieve my dream of starting a business, he was one of the few people who didn’t think I was crazy. He tells

have you ever been heartbroken? The end of a relationship can be devastating. But at the same time, it could be a catalyst for change. Eating too much is often a catalyst for hard work, and learning about a new job is often a catalyst for professional guidance. These are good ways to prove self-improvement. In other areas of life, we may have a guide, then why is there no one to teach people to relate to,

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Lovell: what is the reason you want to create such a

        September 24th to October 7th, the Commission has begun issuing, rest for National Day, the accumulated number of users more, and these days the ICBC website is very slow, the staff operation is not convenient, the Commission issued the cycle will be extended for a few days, please wait patiently for the webmaster!

Alba experience?Nico


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