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Do shlf1314 Adsense optimization, so that your income doubledDo Wangzhuan 3 years some feeling of ho

3: always thought was modest, zero mentality, continue to strengthen the learning and life to operate their own, follow the footsteps of success, success for you.

I did exactly what the shlf1314 blog did best. After all, it’s official blog. It’s very instructive. Of course, some websites are written well, but it’s hard to find out how you find it. Moreover, their optimization methods may not be suitable for you. shlf1314 blog is optimized by most websites, so it can be applied to most websites. I have 2 stations, all in accordance with the shlf1314 blog recommended method of optimization, the results from the ad click rate aspect, basically more than 1.5%.

do Wangzhuan taboo! Do not impatient, as the saying goes: eat hot tofu, so don’t be impatient, for all Wangzhuan novice, at the beginning of two. Three months is the most difficult, because beginners rarely in revenue at the beginning, some even more than two not a month income, what does this mean? This shows that your experience is not rich enough, propaganda way too little, and the human nature of psychological defense beyond the skill is not mature enough. If you can use your language to lift off heart concerns, then you will be successful. Words must be polite. People think you are a person with good manners, so customers will be very trust you. When talking to any customer, remember a few more words of praise. Remember: praise is the language of the diamond.

1 ambition: lofty ideals and ambitions, soldiers who do not want to be marshal, not good soldiers,

ad click rate is appropriate, some say 1%, and some say it can reach 10%, each has its own saying, but I think, even if it is 100%, as long as consistent with the shlf1314 Adsense policy is fine. Of course, this is almost impossible. After all, advertising is advertising, or with the content of the text is different, advertising optimization can reach 2%, it is relatively successful. Click through rate of 2%, the proven advertising optimization potential is basically excavated, and then you do not have to tamper with the site’s advertising.

2 determination: spotted the selection of the network business, this road, then to the Great Wall non hero, go your own way, let others say. There is a people only do two things: you are successful, he is jealous of you. You fail, he laugh at you. He is the world’s most successful people have.

Wangzhuan this line do not love. Maybe some people will think. Many partners, the money come, if you think so. You are completely mistaken. How much do Wangzhuan pay attention to is not the partner, but your partner how many elite! What are the elite of the elite? Do not have to know the computer does not have to be familiar with the network, but the elite should have Wangzhuan is patience. Confidence. Holding on spirit. And the advantages of strong will, like those who do give up easily and is not suitable to do Wangzhuan. Because they can develop their development of course, does not affect your interest.

Adsense of shlf1314 advertising has been more than a year, shlf1314 also rely on Wangzhuan small harvest. From the beginning of the shlf1314 Adsense account, has been constantly advertising optimization, website hits from the beginning of 0.2% to about 1.8%, from the click times to see an increase of 9 times, revenue almost rose by almost 9 times. For how to optimize the site, it should be said that many people have written optimization experience, written well. Share shlf1314 Adsense optimization experience

shlf1314 Adsense display ads, usually the first show high price advertising, but should pay attention to, click on the ads may not be the first click on the ads, such as 336*280 advertising, advertising display 4 lines, first, second lines may be a high price, but the third, fourth line is the low price of advertising, and click it is the third, fourth advertising, of course less income. For this, for low price advertisement, want to block off. Want to shield cheap advertising, you can first find it. How to find, the key to know how to observe. For similar content of the web, if you find this advertising everywhere, mostly low price advertising, shielding it out of question. In addition, some ads show the content of a certain industry, but the site is not the same, the current use of the domain name of Hongkong HK for advertising, such advertising basically, professional publishers are doing some low

partners must be carefully selected, when you really meet the right partner for you to help him, help him conduct propaganda, to help him pull off the assembly line. Got a hard to find. For this reason we all understand these! I have done it! I just hope everyone can succeed together. Just hope more people can earn money in Wangzhuan! You have to understand, not only the lower should be carefully selected, the same superiors should be carefully selected, a good leader, can help you. You really lead the rapid intervention Wangzhuan ranks at that time, you will not understand, in fact is not difficult to make money online! It is difficult to make millions! For those Xin yuan cap t male Pi is very common.? see where some people will think I was bragging, I solemnly tell you actually. I was full of words from the bottom of the heart.

the rest is from the ad unit price. Advertising unit price related to the content of the site, generally speaking, competition is fierce or profiteering industry, the unit price is relatively high, such as medical, beauty industry. If the station is from the beginning of 0, of course, can be considered to do this; however, many sites have formed, positioning, in order to do high advertising price made some high price "is not realistic, don’t take your IQ of 130 to insult shlf1314, that would be worth the candle.


network career must have eight hearts


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