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Discussion on content network bidding in shlf1314 Adwords51Talk landing NYSE 2016 opens the first ye

as a specific display position I of the ad group and the content of network match for the display position of bid is $20, you can calculate your advertising content network bid according to the formula.


51Talk media communication, Huang Jiajia first to share 51Talk listed, he said, 51Talk as China online education the United States listed first, it is the world’s first listed in the U.S. online education company B2C, is not an exaggeration to say that the industry benchmark.

in order to understand, I’ll give you an example: for example, I had a group of advertising cost per click bid, and then in the ad group added three keywords: "mouse pad", "mouse", "keyboard", set the default bid was 5 dollars, and then the mouse the keyboard alone I set a specific bid for the mouse, keyboard: 40: 15, of course, in this I just give a simple example,

in shlf1314 on Adwords advertising, we all know the search network advertising and online advertising content, the search network is relatively better, a single search can match specific keywords, simply from the bid to consider it a specific keyword ranking, is from the keyword bid to control however, in the content network, is composed of all keywords an ad group to match the advertising content corresponding to the web site, so all these keywords will jointly determine the final bid bid, the basic formula for the total amount of bid: all the key words divided by keywords, there is one thing to note is that if a keyword without a specific offer, then shlf1314 will use the default bid advertising group.

landmark landing NYSE, the industry benchmark role highlights

despite the belief that 2013 is the first year of online education. "In my opinion, 2016 is the first year of online education," says, founder of 51Talk investors and real fund founder. "This year, the 51Talk is listed."." This sentence highly summarizes the 51Talk landmark landing NYSE, and with its strong growth momentum to win social and industry recognized 2016 this year.

51Talk free English founder and CEO Huang Jiajia released on the occasion of the new year CEO open letter said: "June 10, 2016, 51Talk first sounded the China online education is listed on the NYSE in the U.S. bell, we sent China Online Education to the world COE voice. In the second half of 2016, we completed all commitments made to all 51Talk investors at the time of listing."

lead the youth online English education, cultivating diversified products strategy matrix

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then the formula for the bid: 5+15+40 /3=20 yuan

is indeed the case, as the 51Talk industry eagerly, listed to promote online education industry standardized management has a positive meaning; at the same time, 51Talk listed on the global investors and capital have seen China online education enterprise image; in addition, as a listed company, in the general supervision of the society, truly improve the overall management the level of online education industry, will eventually benefit more and more enterprises, but also can attract more excellent talents.

day before, in the 2017 Beijing media communication meeting of 51Talk, Huang Jiajia conducted in-depth analysis, mainly from four aspects of the 2016 51Talk results. 2017, 51Talk will continue to force the "strong service", to create the ultimate user experience, continue to practice "let everyone have the ability to dialogue the world" vision.

2017 Beijing

"user experience" is always a keyword. For the future, Huang Jiajia is also quite confident: "we want to make a teacher resource sharing online education platform big data technology based on national lifelong learning and individualized teaching service courses, product diversification, product technology platform integration."

, "51Talk, a step towards the world, will ultimately benefit our vast numbers of users."." Huang Jiajia says.

so my ad group is on, and then the ads are displayed on a web site of a computer related part of the content network shlf1314 alliance, in accordance with the bid set above:



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