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What is worth investing in seven new fund partners to share behind closed doorsSome small ways to im

partner A: we’re looking at three, one


partner B: This is the same with us. Our project manager may have more money than a partner on a single project.

partner B: so what’s your current benefit distribution mechanism,

              information site for pictures, novels, site, especially the content of particularity, although PV is also very high, but the income is not necessarily high, this is a special case. Not in today’s discussion, but later on. The maximum number of visits to a website is generally concentrated in the home page, and the publicity page is also focused on the home page. So, want to seize the customer stay time, must in the home page design work hard. This is the "Facade" effect. Our ancients already in this note, the brothel door in ancient times, there must be a beautiful girl who gave the past only wealth children ogle, straight or rely on the past, with the body seduce each other. Why do prostitutes use prostitutes? Because that’s the core value of the brothel. Customers come here to find girls. What is the core value of the website, it is OK to solicit with what. Miss will be dressed to the nines, but also learn to packaging products. But remember, don’t overdo it. This ratio must be taken care of, or you will bring negative emotions to your customers". He came in to find beauty, you use beautiful pictures to attract him, after no beauty to him, give him a dinosaur sister, the consequences will be very serious. Diandaqike no reason, a small shop and coax, some attention to this point.

if you’re just starting to stand and do an industry site you don’t know, the site’s IP and PV ratio is basically one to two. The reason for this problem is that your site experience is not high. As a result of this problem, the direct result is a decrease in website revenue, or simply no income. Why do you say so? I’ll give you an example and you’ll see. Once a man enters the store, he takes a glance at the shop and probably goes out. Then the person will certainly not benefit you. If the person goes in and starts looking around, the person may be spending. We do the same thing. We want to get customers to click a few more pages so that we can maximize our customers and get them to pay for us.



                now the network is a title of the era of the party, but also an era of information flooding, but do not see what others use, their own use what. You need to know whether that’s good or not, whether you’re studying him, or you’re trying it out first, OK, then find out what’s best for you to promote yourself. That’s a lot of talk, but there’s a lot of crap. It’s confusing… Now try to explain white spots and make clear. There are usually three core values in the home page. These three points are the easiest to attract customers. One, website theme; two, website navigation; three, home page content first is very important, your tell the user my this website >

question two why is it possible to make new funds? What are the advantages of the new fund?

partner C: Yes, but there are people that I think a lifetime may tell the truth, ideal name, the three is how much to a head like, I see is still a weak point, I can make an institution and the institution can persist for more than ten years and even longer I will compare happy in this life, so this is what I want.

question three: what do you think of the new fund in 2017? What is there worth investing in,

this article summarizes the discussions in the 42 chapter of the closed door seminar organized by the new fund. Anonymous processing was done, and the order of speech was disrupted, and the content was drastically abridged the length of the discussion lasted more than three hours.

partner D: of course, the benefits distribution mechanism is also one of the reasons.


partner A: We studied the US data in about 2012 and looked at the early investments in TMT in 2000, and found that there were more than 200 in the United States that raised more than $two hundred million. Of these more than 200, more than $two hundred million had been raised since 2008, with fewer than eighty.

partner C: our mechanism is very tightly linked to the project. We can take 50% of the carry at most.

partner C: first, the new investment fund early decision process can be simplified; second, the old fund investment style would be steady, new funds are more likely to catch some new opportunities, new outlet. Stay small and be more alert.

partner B: that is to say, first, this is a small industry, no less than the two market, those people are often dozens of million. Second it is not good to do this business, the first fund is actually raising the threshold, you have the ability to raise more than $two hundred million is actually few, he can say that he had to raise professional ability, track record and portfolio. But after these raised to finally survive, that is, only 1/3.

question 1: there is a fund manager who has been in China for more than 10 years, saying that at the earliest they participated in activities, and there were more than 1000 units in the mess, and now there are 30 living ones. So how many of these new funds are now looking into the next ten years,


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