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The idea and way for future guest APHuman web survival the madness of just a few months

in addition, API station is on a large area of sh419 included, we still have a problem, sh419 will be very friendly to the same as before to include? We even found a lot of API station in large area by K, although I have done the research, because the seller is adjusted real commodity results page. So in a word, later do API or rely on sh419, if included in the problem, then our flow is not guaranteed, more no income at all.

I give up API, and why, did you notice the mom has recently been wasteful, three days a small change, five days a big change, including the background has been unstable, single out status relative to previous serious. According to the analysis of experiment, single out conditions mostly appear in the use of link specific single product purchase, if the store does not link to appear completely off the list, a maximum of 10. Only 1 settlement commission. And API is the promotion of a single product, although TOP API made a link to turn, but whether stability is still unknown.

also noted, TOP API audit is very strict, or that there is no audit is still unknown, some guest first submitted, until today has not come down. Or can say, Ali mother’s TOP platform for the object level is relatively high, it is not suitable for us these small and medium-sized webmaster.

first, TOP API has a restriction on the query, I think most of the API station are known, in other words, even if you built a new TOP API station, to the top, because the query restrictions, is still a garbage station. This we do extension, why limit, single server move Xiang Yun server must be more stable. Yes, that will become stable, which is why the TOP under the banner name of BETA, the official version will charge I think this conclusion can hardly be avoided an old guest that I appreciate. That is to say, if you don’t have enough cost, you can’t make API bigger, so you don’t have to do it. After all, stability or sustainability is still unknown.

then Amoy in the way?

said to give up API, it must be my future API not too much trust and vision.

Ali’s mother decided to shut down the old API and move to the TOP platform. The news has not been released yet, but since the news came out, there has been no release of the move. It can be said that it does not coincide with the relocation activities of API station owners, and my views on API are abandoned. So I can make the original station space, combined with the new direction of the release of the guest I made a new sites taobao ladies winter to Amoy promotion under the new situation. Then, why do you want to give up API?.

In addition we ?< >

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

gave up API. What else can we do,

birthday, nothing, heart rate and move, so they think.

Wanted to write something about Internet advertising for a long time before

especially on the personal website, advertising network of things, but did not dare to write, see stationmaster net Admin5 so much money story, memories of the past, maybe the memory is really difficult, but depressed more painful, when eating birthday cake recall the sleepless days, really do not know what kind of expression is ridicule, melancholy, cry.

but on Internet advertising, that year is a start, in fact, long ago, there is a foreign like Click2net, Valueclick such a network of advertisers, but in China, the concept of advertising almost not being recognized, even in some very famous site is also very difficult to see domestic or foreign commercial advertising, it seems that people are not aware of can use the network to make money. But because of the development of the personal site, some advertising exchange service sites, these sites are used to do artificial home page link exchange, or through simple procedures to exchange advertising, in these sites inside people began to use their applications for foreign advertisers account to distribute, to earn some the Commission, which is a budding advertising network China, is a start, but few people know.

in September of the same year, the first really big things Chinese network advertising industry, good appearance, in the beginning, the good Lord will use Click2net and other foreign advertising account to do the domestic agents, main >


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