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Wu Longjie don’t use blogging as a money making tooln the face of resignation to decide on what pat

In fact, I talk about

Author: Wu fan article address: wulongjie/xqgw/88.html reprint please retain

we set up an independent blog purpose is not to make money, not to deceive the user, if the blog as a tool to make money, put a lot of advertising alliance, and even attempt to use advertising as content. Even if your blog seo do better, but after visitors enter, found no content to read, will certainly choose to leave, and next time will not come. So your blog won’t make any money.

‘s search for success and the pressure to get a new job was well known. But do not know if you think not, when you make leaving the job decision and announced that your boss asked you to reconsider your decision and to a promotion or raise when to stay on your way, you face pressure easily can increase ten times.

The first thing to do:
CareerJournal. When one decides to leave, it is clear that he no longer trusts the present company. He won’t be able to work in the company for a long time. This shows that there are problems in some areas."

if your company opened in order to retain the conditions to solve the let you decide to leave the problem to a great extent, the company is certainly worth considering. But, when you think about it, be sure to open your eyes.

Gary Peck’s experience is an example. He used to be the IT manager when he had accepted the conditions that the boss had left behind, and had also been reluctant to lose what he wanted to do.

has not updated his seo blog for 3 days, mainly because he is busy with his new job, and today he forced himself to spend some time writing an article about making money on blogs.

brands use these tips. In July, 500-1000 yuan was cut, and

I recently in the process of visiting the blog, found more and more independent blog have put shlf1314 ads, sh419 union advertising, including a few days ago I also put shlf1314 ads, but yesterday found that advertising has not come out, the original shlf1314 account number is sealed, is already the second time by letter ad, yesterday afternoon and simply replaced all the sh419 advertising alliance, since the title of this article is the blog is not a tool to make money, why should I hang on the advertising alliance? I blog is not to make money, but to share the experience of website optimization experience, network promotion and I we, on the other hand is also a platform to display their own, but if you can do it in 2 aspects of the appropriate can also earn some money, but some people take when blog As a money making tool, a lot of League ads from blogs show that some blogs can be said to be overwhelming advertising.

is the first earnest to their own blog content well is the most important, if your blog is of high quality, and can get the most visitors approved, and why not to earn money, the blog is an example, estimated monthly income can reach tens of thousands of /p>! "

finally I hope everyone to do their own blog content, including myself, doing this is not very good, a few days ago published a blog every day, now 3 days to write an article, also feel no previous high quality, this is the problem of power, we see you have the willpower to every day to update their blog blog, instead of thinking about how to make money, but not to blog as a tool to make money.

in the independent blog user experience this article also mentioned a lot of advertising alliance will lower your blog user experience, and some people even trying to advertising alliance as Bowen, these people have nothing in common, since want to make money, why not earnest to do a real profit the website, if it is serious to do so, is estimated to be more than you put in the independent blog advertising alliance earn more money.


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