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How to enhance the reliability of hospital websites

hospital website is a door of hospital network marketing, how to make patients look for the door, and walk into the hospital gate, which is the essential issue of hospital website construction and hospital brand building.

one, the image of the site and the overall image of the hospital should match

Every kind of network advertisement invested by

hospital should be unified with the hospital website, and the hospital website should be unified with the whole public relation image of the hospital. Only the hospital marketing activities are integrated together, can make patients have an overall feeling, not let the patient into the hospital site, the feeling is not the website of the hospital hospital, entered the hospital feeling and previously entered into the site and not the same feeling. If so, the credibility of the hospital will suffer a disastrous decline.

two, accuracy and authority of hospital website information

website information to have sufficient theoretical basis, speak with facts, will not allow patients to see an ambiguous feeling. Hospital website information to shape the authority of the hospital, so that patients feel that the hospital is an authoritative web site, a trusted site.

three, website information can solve practical problems,

The information provided by the

website addresses the actual problem for the target patient and allows the patient to find the information he wants. This will allow patients to feel the strength of the hospital, the absolute choice of treatment.

four, there is a detailed information about the hospital

hospital sites have a hospital in detail, such as hospital culture, hospital development, team introduction, this information really let patients have a hospital feeling of existence.

five, to make it convenient for you to contact

no matter what page you were browsing to the convenience of patients and hospital staff communication, of course, convenient communication is not everywhere customer service, visit each page has a large number of customer service play out, this is affecting the user browsing experience. A lot of people are feeling 800, 400 free phone is a trusted phone, large companies many of them use these free telephone, so that the hospital can apply these free telephone on the hospital website, it can improve the credibility of the site.

six, the site to absolute security,

to ensure that when patients visit the site because the server will not, and cannot access; in patients with GOOGLE search to your website, do not display a malicious program will damage your computer tips; patients visit your site, there will be some pop-up ads and other non active users click action.

seven, regularly check the website dead links, timely processing good web site dead link, do 404 error page set

dead links interfere with user browsing experience, and 404 is a friendly way to deal with dead links

eight, the hospital website puts together the cooperation organization and the authoritative organization information

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