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How to improve the site, good details optimization

website how to improve the details, optimize

, first of all, we need to understand a question, the details of the site, there is no time to perfect,


the answer is no.. Site details are optimized daily, weekly, monthly, and must be done without termination.

well, then why does the site change the details? Where do you want to change frequently?

changes the details in order to improve the user experience, not to say that the site is constantly changing. Because things that are constantly modified tend to be unstable.

so, what are the details of the changes? First of all, let’s see the following three points,

1, perfect detail, what is the purpose of the optimization


our goal is to improve the overall experience of the website. Retain targeted users and exclude users that we don’t need.

so we have to learn to say no. The users we don’t need may be useless or useful, but we all want to decline. For example, Mercedes Benz, BMW, apple, are doing high-end market, there is no low-priced brands. Because of this part of the user’s refusal, you can maximize profits. Even if this part of the user will bring a deal, we do not lose the greater, for this transaction and affects most other target users of web experience. So deciding what not to do is often more important than deciding what to do.

before we change, we have to understand the location of the site, then how to locate the site,


first of all, be aware of yourself. A lot of people can’t do it, so call Baidu instead of thinking about yourself.

if you want to increase the user experience of all types of users, then the site will be relatively bloated, and there is no distinctive feature. So moving in this direction can only be beneficial in the short run and is not beneficial in the long run.

so we’re going to have to reject some users, know what the user groups are really useful to them, and then only target this user community for the sites that are valuable to them and what they need.

2, how to improve the details of the optimization, how should I change,


first of all, we need to know which part of the person we want to stay with, and what part of the person we don’t need.

, for example, a driving school website, and do car beauty, do car models. Well, this part of the user is what we need to reject. Although beautiful pictures attract clicks, this part of the click is something we don’t need.

, for example, an enterprise website should remove the user community from corporate news or industry news. Although these flows are very small, very small, there may be transactions, but this will make the direction of the development of the web site is not clear, it may make this transaction has changed the user did not clinch a deal. So enterprise >


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