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The key method of actual combat traffic nine. Decrypt B2B class platform

said SEO or B2B platform for B2C, C2C, may all the webmaster know, have done the B2B platform, although the platform model is generally based on charges, as SEO, (a very meticulous service) how we treat this kind of journey SEO concludes resources? In the process of exchange of practical experience and the webmaster, also have the harvest, we share the following:

begins by analyzing such resources:

first, the openness of resources.

1, free membership open:


has free nature, we can use this platform, although a lot of a lot of functions can not be used, but at least we can send free articles, so it can send the article, we have to use, as long as your article readability, the original degree is high, the platform is still very willing to publish after all, they also want to maintain, since maintenance comes without the free and open their cages for a lot of information, but also provides us with the opportunity to do so in the time of this kind of resources, we should be careful, try to take a 1-2 URL.

2, free access to site features:

mentioned the free website, so I can publish our pictures, our information, and our contact information. Here although the function is limited, but as long as we carefully, or they can increase Links, increase the Links here as long as the output weights, then we added a one-way link, with one-way links, I think all the webmaster know his role, the weight of the search engine is to evaluate a web site the voting of the one-way links is equivalent to others as we cast a vote, so that the resources you more, as can be imagined.

3, free service tracking:

since this platform is free, so they will attach great importance to the free membership registration, especially the free membership registration after the application of the function and the actual results, they are concerned about is nothing more than to let you pay, or you want to manage the ID of your hair, more of the original article. This also reflects the purpose of SEO "win-win", for the purpose of SEO is not extended, we can refer to the departure of the SEO should have four professional qualities.

two, resource competitiveness.

1, industry competition: competition especially competition in the industry so that more and more of this kind of resource service providers the serious lack of originality, lack of SEO staff, as we SEO this is our advantage, if you can read the original high, strong, especially if they understand you is SEO, they will not easily erase your ID, this is caused by the use of our cooperation and resources.

2, the source of the original article >


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