How do you diagnose a station

is talking about diagnosis of a website is a topic one but when some owners a commonplace talk of an old scholar, when his website has encountered a problem but still do not know what the problem where especially some novice webmaster, I remember a few days ago in a SEO group saw a long standing in the group to raise a hue and cry who can help him, said his station was drop right, Baidu not included snapshot also has period of time not to update, he could not find the reason. I asked him to look at the site at the time, anyway, no matter what, when I use the tools to detect the site, found that the domain name is May of this year can be said to have no weight can be reduced, the author asked him how long the station on the line, he said more than two months more than two days on the website contains only 34 month, really sad later in the author’s questioning, he said that there are five links to the home page, heard him say so after I told him there was a different link to the same page this violates the "standardization of stability, the author give him some advice, call the 301 permanent redirect one link to prevent the weight of dispersion, as well as the author give some advice on the following website, this will not be one by one.

for similar many owners have their own problems be at a loss what to do when the station got scorched by the flames, the author simply and the webmaster friends how to diagnose a station, hope there is some help for some novice webmaster, and if I have the place does not speak, not complete place still hope the webmaster friends to thank.

1. Link structure diagnostics


general in the diagnosis of a website is the first diagnosis of the link structure, generally do stand now a lot of using asp/ and PHP scripting language in the construction site, the site may do not understand or do not pay attention to the maintenance of the SEO database is simple and convenient and the dynamic form of the day after the station and ignore the static form, should be mentioned in the Baidu guide now whether dynamic or static page form Baidu will be equally, it is not in the station experience and peer exchange, the author read a lot of books about the SEO mentioned in a station built in static form or pseudo static page form more conducive to grasping and user experience, search search engine more friendly to the HTML page so a station in HTML text form better. At the same time the link level of small and medium-sized enterprises generally stand up to no more than three layers, some of the big station up to no more than five layers, the link structure of the ideal structure is flat, such as:, flat tree structure such as: 2013529-html. or Link above structure can be for reference of diagnosis.



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