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How to optimize the conversion rate of web pages (Part one) conversion rate optimization in station


– – Facebook, Twitter, and Quora, the product of the user growth team –

Andy Johns, "pure dry goods" –

Abstract: don’t put all the suggestions zhaodanquanshou, make a grotesque website. You should see this as a testing tool kit for the web site to see what the advantages and disadvantages of using these techniques for your products and users, and how to fit them into your vision of a macro product.

optimization of registration conversion rate "this topic can be out of an encyclopedia space. So I’m going to spend a lot of time talking about it. Here to remind you that it will be a long article.. (Translator: almost a chapter of a book, so split it into the next three.)

I think the best way to optimize the rate of registration conversion is summed up in two main categories:

the first category, station optimization. Including web design / copywriting / layout etc.. This is a topic worthy of further study, which is the basis of the latter approach.

second broad categories, access source optimization. There are many ways to enhance the conversion effects of access sources (such as SEO, mail, social networking, etc.) and I’m not going to do too much about that. But the process optimization is also important from the access source to the user’s final conversion page. Discussion of conversion rate optimization in the station is impossible to put aside the source of access. Because the user has already begun to optimize conversion rates before the user enters the landing page.

conversion rate optimization in station

definition: improve the design and function of web pages and increase the possibility of user performing critical actions on the page.

transformation nodes: the most common transformation nodes are: registration, login, purchase, subscription, and sharing (results from social media growth). There are other more refined transformation nodes, but I focus mainly on these core metrics because the optimization method can be applied to other transformation nodes.

1. button, vs. text link,


button gets more click rate than text links, because it’s simpler". When you need to use text links, try using buttons instead. Because countless tests have proved that fewer text links can make CTR upgrade 20%-200%.

here is an interesting topic: don’t expect A/B to test the effect of a button can keep stable in a few weeks, especially in email marketing. Because you usually send email to a fixed group (such as news, and easy to remind) button will appear "click fatigue" phenomenon, users are accustomed to your design, it may realize the text in the message button and can link to the same place. Because click any text or button hyperlink >


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