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Personal webmaster cautious, born suffering, died in happiness

many people see this title should understand the meaning, but stand today in the search engine optimization perspective to see this sentence, I think a lot of small companies in the Internet are more or less is the case.


a few days ago a friend asked me: "I have been very good rankings before a website for a long time have not careful to take care of, ranking is relatively stable, but yesterday suddenly drop right, help me take a look at what is the reason, I’m dying". I see here, in the brain came out a word, "born in misery, died in peace."". Remember before asked a friend, his website had today IP30W, PV millions, and later because Baidu adjustment, website ranking overnight, I asked him: "your site rankings, what is your mood?"". He replied, "your child is seriously ill. What’s your feeling?"". I asked him the purpose of this sentence, I just want to know, his website rankings lost and my site rankings lost, his mood and my mood is not the same, very low. The results of his reply made me think for a long time, a website from the pre planning, construction, editing a series of go to the website online, you want to see a baby grow up slowly, are spending a lot of time and energy, but the site in their own under the care of the night was like his ranking, taking care of the the child fell ill. This metaphor is too image, that is the feeling.


back to the front of the "calamity, died of happiness" as the theme, most personal webmaster early is very carefully operating their own site early in the site, select keywords, internal optimization, external optimization and so on, but you insist on 3 months or even six months or a year, ranking has a certain improvement, the the mood is unable to express the language. Ranking up after most daily work is to write original content, the construction of internal links and so on, the work cycle of progressive, website ranking is relatively stable, day in and day out, for a long time, it will gradually weaken, and even some owners are lazy to write daily original content. Wait until one day, the website ranking decline or disappear, anxious, ask others, my website rankings why, and so on.

is actually a lack of persistence, no ranking site in time, seriously do content, every link, wait for the ranking, insist on a period of time, the momentum gradually weakened. As a personal webmaster, should always remind myself that I am just a personal webmaster, I rely on the website to eat, I now work, adhere to is to fill my hunger, the risk has been around, but there was no outbreak, a little inattentive will come to naught. No matter whether the site has a ranking, as long as the location is correct, we should adhere to, and as celebrities say, "today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good, can be the vast majority of people died in tomorrow night."". In today’s society, want to get nothing for nothing, unless your father is tyrant, or make sure you do


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