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Talk about how to use QQ group to do Taobao day earn 1000 yuan

some famous from the media, relying on the day to earn thousands of yuan, million articles to attract people. In fact, I do not agree with this method, most of them are the title of the party, a look at the content is very disappointing. Today, Shao Lianhu blog also learned to write a QQ group using Taobao to earn thousands of dollars daily articles. As for whether it is dry, we have analyzed their own, Shao Lianhu blog is not the title of the party, please also read the article to talk about it. OK?


yesterday, Shao Lianhu read an article, introduced the use of QQ group to do Taobao guest method, idle nothing, I will see, after reading very excited, feeling that the cattle man is really too much too much. We all these stationmaster on SEO, did not know about other celebrities, this article is to introduce the use of QQ group to do a case of Taobao off money, we open the QQ search, every day special offer as follows: seckill group,

pictures above, we look at some of the daily specials, said killing groups, for ordinary people, these groups may be Taobao’s special QQ group, for us, at a glance will know is to do Taobao customers. Let’s take a closer look at the name of the group, every day special price, said kill group, followed by figures, 54, 59, 58, etc.. So what do you mean by these numbers? Of course QQ group. That is, these Taobao customers are their own, from one to hundreds of Taobao customers.

so, Shao Lianhu casually joined several QQ group, found that there are people who constantly release Taobao products. And click to find links to love Taobao links, that is, Taobao guest links. Confirmed that they use QQ group is to do Taobao customers. And I also read the introductions and announcements of the next group and found that they also have their own Taobao guest website,

since it is a special day, spike QQ group, I also saw the product of their web site, is indeed a spike product, not a general Taobao products. The benefits of a spike product are cheap and time limited. Therefore, the product will make you like the spike. For their income. Let’s estimate, assuming that they only earn 10 yuan a day a group, if there are ten groups can earn 100 yuan a day, if there are one hundred QQ group, earn 1000 yuan a day. Of course, their QQ group some day more than earn 10 yuan.

visible, they use QQ group to do Taobao guest is successful. And most of their QQ groups are thousands of people, a group of one thousand people, one hundred QQ group, there are one hundred thousand people. Even if we do website promotion, even if the forum post, how many users can we see our products a day? QQ group’s advantage is that you can retain users, so that they can see our products every day.

below we talk about these webmaster do Taobao customers commonly used method

, Shao Lianhu is also a webmaster, standing in the position of the webmaster, consider to do Taobao guest method, I listen to the most is to do keywords ranking. Therefore, to do Taobao guest website is necessary. Indeed, after the good products begin to study keywords, every >


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