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Operation observation Network Recruitment climate is changing

The application and development of

network is really a dream that many people never dreamed of. The Internet has become a necessity for many people". In every year, from tens of millions of job seekers, the foundation of the rapid development of online recruitment, network recruitment after ten years of baptism, now has become a peak of prosperity. The network recruitment of millions of graduates force dependent job preferred tool, a lot of people grow out of the show, such as qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin and ChinaHR rapid rise.

The development of

network of things after a strong period, inevitably turned to decline, the rise and fall is the eternal truth. Certainly there are many will stand up against it, the network recruitment is a hitherto unknown thriving scene, full of vigour, behind it there are millions of jobs in the support, how can it be said that a desolate decline? It is very peaceful, does not mean forever peace. The development of online recruitment industry is also accompanied by many hidden dangers. The living environment has changed quietly, and the future development needs to be weighed down. From the current form of development, each has the same place, the network environment in the silent interest free change, ten years down the strain mechanism is not suitable for long-term development. A few of the reform and development of slightly achievements, little change, slow growth. The online recruitment industry has encountered unprecedented challenges, and the following problems are widespread.

first, all kinds of recruitment platform overwhelming, few stand out. Everyone’s fighting for this big cake. You grab the plate and I grab the fork. So this blindly follow the trend of movement, without limitation in the existing platform, he is doing the resources, you fight channels, feel Renqiwang, active index floating up, I just take the initiative, the superior can in advertising on the table, you are repeating everything, finally only in the consumption of energy and resources industry. There are all kinds of policy relaxation, all types of Web sites also provide corresponding services, coupled with the traditional form of large-scale recruitment and so on, and is still playing the role of the main force. The situation is now online recruitment will be a large number of information resources of the heap in front of you, make me dazzling, later no user experience, not even what feeling, this is the recruitment network failure, now of course some sites also do improvement measures in this regard, made a lot of good results, Zhaopin in the first breakthrough innovation, constantly enhance the user experience, make the greatest efforts to develop his own occupation for each applicant tailored, and puts forward a new concept of many theories and solve many practical problems.

second, ignore and improve professional problems, blindly follow the high-end and diverse. What many job sites do is to offer professional positions to all job seekers, to meet the needs of job seekers, and to find the job they want, which is the basic responsibility of the recruitment website. In the minds of all of us, the recruitment website offers many jobs, which we search for


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