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The operation of Taobao in the smoke (1) Tmall operation process


this explanation for smoke in the Taobao another small series (everyone calls him letter elder brother) I according to many years of Tmall experience and summary of income, omissions and mistakes, please point out more. This explanation only for Tmall merchants, Taobao merchants or other platform merchants can watch, after all, the truth is the same. Because my logic thinking is not so strong, so as slowly as possible to enter, there is a rational;

As for

in the electricity supplier or has worked in the electricity supplier which people know or understand, now is not as good as the original business, more and more difficult, more competition, and there are a lot of occupation liar let us live in the electricity supplier is a lot of difficulty. Since we have a big crush skin why go in, because the electricity supplier growth we have seen, the explosive increase in time to the current year to 2014 belongs to the electricity supplier or the rapid increase. We have to adapt to some trends. Well, no more gossip. Let’s talk about how the specific line works.

preliminary preparation:


we have a want to stay at Tmall to sell things on the Internet, the development of online market, we must first consider a problem is that what we are to come, is to make money or it is said that in order to expand the brand influence to the rapid occupation of the market, we must consider. In addition to saying "NIKe, Adidas," and so on, the global nature of famous brands, or domestic well-known brands. You can say I can make money when I come up, but most of them?. As you all know, Taobao now has a lot of Amoy brand, such as essential oils of AFU, cosmetics PBA, and so on, such are Amoy brand, they are very well-known online, but the line is difficult to do up. Then we have to analyze the purpose of our on-line from the three types of shops.

first: NIKE, Adidas, Estee Lauder, domestic Lining and other big brands. What is our purpose on the line?.

first of all, on Taobao’s purpose is cheap and convenient, then we on-line, then how to develop this price, because we have to consider the price of the line of physical store prices. A price control on the line. Are you specializing in the development and production of some online products for sale?. Of course, these will inevitably have to some franchised stores or franchised stores, the prices of these distributors to control. We all need to clear up the difference. That’s a train of thought.

second: I am my own small brands, such as children’s shoes, children’s clothing, their own registered brand, I have to on-line sales. So I’m making money on Tmall, or expanding my popularity with this brand online? Taking part of the market, slowly raising prices, making money, two different strategies.

third: monopoly stores and franchised stores, as the brand is not their own, and sometimes subject to price control, then I came up to make money, why?:


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