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traditional Chinese medicine will cause female menstruation is divided into four kinds, respectively, blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, blood stasis and phlegm. One of the first two kinds of disease because of the virtual, the latter two kinds of disease because the real. What does menstruation have little food to recuperate? We can come to understand the different symptoms of menstrual volume less patients can eat what food conditioning.

regulate menstruation less food

The amount of menstrual

kidney deficiency leads to less, the symptoms are less pale, easy menstrual back knee soft, dizziness and tinnitus. The treatment of hypomenorrhea eating Chinese angelica chicken soup. The raw material of medlar, angelica, white and black chicken, a little ginger, salt. Medlar and Angelica into the bag, eight minutes with white wine bubble. Salt liquor onto the chicken body, then the medicine bag and ginger in the chicken belly, then use the fire to steam for sixty minutes, then a small fire to steam for sixty minutes. A medicine bag and remove ginger, put chicken chop block dish, the diet can nourishing menstruation.

The amount of menstrual blood deficiency caused by

, the symptoms of the patients with less color, more prone to feeling dizziness, abdominal empty fall etc.. Conditioning menstruation diet for Ejiao glutinous rice porridge. Raw materials are gelatin and glutinous rice, a little brown sugar. Gelatin after crushing fry yellow, remove the ground into powder. First glutinous rice boiled porridge, boil nine mature into powder, brown sugar, boiled until thick and thick can. Glutinous rice porridge tonic gelatin can blood and nourishing yin nourishing blood.


is the amount of menstrual blood stasis caused by the patient’s symptoms are less and less, purple, and blood clots, prone to menstrual abdominal pain. Such patients can eat hawthorn mud. First prepare a kilogram of hawthorn, washed and then add water, with a small fire boil rotten, and then put 250 grams of brown sugar, cook for about 10 minutes, until the paste. Hawthorn mud can invigorate the circulation of blood stasis, treatment of blood stasis and less menstrual.

female menstrual blood less, leucorrhea viscous and easy to feel chest tightness, vomiting if it is caused by the phlegm. This kind of menstruation less patients can eat almonds black bean soup. Need to prepare some almonds, black beans, brown sugar, and four bowls of water. Black beans to fry beans to coat split, and then washed into the pot, add almond simmer for 35 minutes, then add brown sugar. Black bean soup can almond phlegm wet, menstruation. Female menstruation diet, we must distinguish between different etiology, symptomatic treatment, can cure the patient.


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