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How to survive in the barbaric time of Chinese buying websites

, whether it’s Blogger, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, has caused a lot of copying by Chinese entrepreneurs. Social group purchase website Groupon quickly became red is still a continuation of this trend, but the replication rate of entrepreneurs is significantly faster, just three months, the domestic group purchase website has been up to about 150, the majority of group purchase website is more concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other regions, some netizens dubbed "hundred regiments".

market money scene is certainly beautiful, but under the surface of the scenery, buy site seems to be caught in a situation can not extricate themselves.

1, homogenization is too serious,

domestic buy class sites, and Groupon basically look exactly alike. What is more serious is that they are completely copying Groupon’s group buying model, attracting customers through low prices and attracting merchants through users.

‘s competition will eventually turn into a hand to hand battle between capital and resources, and it will be difficult to stand out without finding a unique business model.

2, the threshold is too low, the cost is too high,


site is in the domestic group purchase as a rapid emergence of unearthed bamboo shoots, one of the most commendable is the low barriers to entry, tens of thousands of dollars for a few technical personnel can do it soon.

but it is because of the low barriers to entry, the number of competitors will be unprecedented, this means that the market will become the consumer market, because you need to spend more cost to promote and strive for the consumer, this part of the cost will be the site development costs several times.

, if there is not enough money and resources to support, is expected to buy a large number of class sites will die quickly, this critical point is likely in six months later.

if he wants to destroy, he must first make mad. The more violent, the faster you die, that’s the reason.

3, sticky is too low, too few customers back

domestic buy site are flagship low-cost mode, most users are directed at the price of this point. If another site has lower price, so the user can easily betray, although many group purchase website through improving user stickiness integral etc., but it is still unable to avoid the pain of group purchase website.

, on the contrary, for businesses, most of the users of the website are buying at a low price. The first thing most people go home is to see what they can buy tomorrow. This means that the company’s low price strategy does not necessarily bring in loyal repeat customers. After fresh vigor passes, group buys the attraction that the website will be reduced further to the businessman.

4, low profitability, uncomfortable capital favored

although a VC ridicule is: the more risk, the more investment, no risk, never invest. But for countries whose patterns are not clear yet


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