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Like sister do app promotion, please don’t be too impetuous

these days to see a few articles are Tucao app promotion is too difficult to do, not what the amount, the amount of no, the price is too high, the price is too high, go out to chat in a circle, everyone said, I feel we are really too impetuous, too much negative energy, so I will write some words to give you positive energy industry colleagues cheer.

please don’t complain, do things first,

to do a thing in a company, I often hear a voice, this a bunch of reasons, say no effect, said that the grade is too low, it is not worth doing, some people want to do, if they are colleagues, the boss often and often negative emotions, big boss, stop down, estimated that no one willing to do. First, do not say that this person, you do? You do it carefully? You’re serious about every detail of it? Many people say do not do effect salon activities, I think this is short-sighted, if you want to do a salon or no secret activities then, we all do, most of the time only a certain quantitative change to qualitative change, in other words, you eat a meal, you will be able to grow up, or to eat a lot of time. Now many companies hire someone with no experience, or highly educated people, these people do not have to start from the bottom of the accumulation of experience, ambitious, CCTV reported the most effect, you can afford it. I have a company to market, do a lot of salon and activities, later found that the company website search engine traffic accounted for more than 40%, has not done before is less than 1%, the external brand awareness has been improved. So, don’t look not a thing, do not do it, in fact, doing this is the accumulation of the cheetah listed, we all feel that Fu Sheng how awesome, but you know, he had analyzed nearly 300 popular app procedures, in order to do not clean up the normal procedure, that is how much work. So success comes from details, success comes from accumulation, enough detail to be done, success is inevitable. Always complain and don’t do it, then you won’t succeed.

please take care of medium and small channels

attitude decides everything, now everyone wants from the channel to the amount, why, because of the large amount of channels, but do you have money? Big channels to make money, to survive, the other is KPI, with what to you the "rice bowl" not my job". So, a lot of channels too impetuous, channels do not, do not see the small channels, like to find the object, you are rich handsome, rich handsome look on you, not rich handsome you don’t want to have a single, finally, to the woman in her thirty-forties, lost time no, all the opportunity. Promotion is the same, after app the array of "typhoon", you have the opportunity to fly. Turn the corner of the small channels, don’t let go, for small and medium-sized channels, if you do well, the quantity is very considerable, remember when we have tens of millions of users at the time, I also find a small channel to the recommended position, there are several WAP station, bring a lot of traffic.


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