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Combining long tail theory to discuss how to operate information website

several webmaster friends do information station, is on the Internet next CMS program, and then copy paste. Apply for a domain name, began his website Road, waiting for traffic up, and then earn advertising fees. If this can be successful, I think the Chinese webmaster 90% may be rich. If you’re so simple, you can automatically earn money. That means you’re lucky. Buy lottery tickets, definitely 5 million. Ha ha, how to successfully operate an information station, so as to improve website traffic and advertising clicks? Here are some practical experience for you.

segmentation website profit model can be divided into:

A do information station advertising revenue.

B do search engine PPC revenue.

C game website sales equipment.

D ringtones, MMS sites, CRBT downloads, revenue sharing with SP.

E professional data website sales professional data.

F provides a professional service platform to collect service fees from merchants. Collect value filled service charge. Alibaba.

, G, e-commerce, selling goods online.

today, I’m going to tell you how to get advertising revenue through an information station, as everyone knows. To get advertising included. There must be traffic. Must have the flow, must have enough content. General webmaster’s approach is to download an article system, add content, search engines included. Then wait for the flow. Today I will tell you about how to operate information websites through long tail theory and get a large amount of traffic and obtain advertising revenue.

first tells you what the long tail theory is: the long tail theory is a new theory rising in the Internet era. It is proposed by American Chris, · and Anderson. The long tail theory, due to the factors of cost and efficiency, people only pay attention to the important person or thing, if the normal distribution curve to describe these people or things, people only focus on the curve "head", and will be in the curve "tail", most people need to pay attention to the energy and the cost. Or something more.

above theory may be a lot of people are not easy to understand, simply speaking, is the general practice, what is hot, pay attention to what?. The long tail theory is the opposite. It focuses on more things, not just on hot stuff. The long tail wins by quantity. And this idea can be applied to the operation information website that I am going to talk about.

we think, a website can add how much ah, and many owners are at this time what is hot and what make you sites are some popular things, the natural site entered the competition between the red sea. Traffic is scattered everywhere, naturally there is no traffic. My approach is to automatically extract unlimited content from the Internet through crawlers. In this way, the content can catch tens of thousands a day. A month on the white million content, ha ha. Everyone focuses on hot stuff. And there are so many things that everybody doesn’t have


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