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For people who can not stand, tells the road from personal to brand

Hello, I was thinking, this article is mainly to a group of people, 70 will not the establishment of the station to 70, thirty or forty people have now, learn a little slow to accept new things also need some time, but there are old, under a small, the great pressure of life therefore, only three thousand or four thousand of the monthly income is wages can’t afford everyone’s life, so don’t think of a way to earn extra money, after living standards will be severely reduced, these groups will try all means to find methods to make money fast, method without delay the work now, which is aimed at the Internet this auspicious treasure house, in fact, I want to say is that not everyone can get to the Internet an income of their own, I will give these people a good suggestion?

this article is at the end of the song "for" brother 38 years old boy personal direction, I would like to talk about my views, I do not like the pine as the old boys hit your brother, I understand your ideas, want to earn some income to compensate for the current income situation, improve the quality of life, and this is our everyday thinking problems, who do not want to make many money

every day?

when I saw the old boy wrote, I suddenly have a general impression on him, he put the money in the hope to build on the site, that just built a website can reap a lot of money, in fact, I tell you, but not a live technical station also, there must be a spirit in advance you go ahead, that’s what I insist.

next, let me give some advice to the old boy. I hope he can see it.

first, make sure that you have a web site in your mind: be sure to focus.

from your written content, want to do children, women, and think of the audit site, my God, can I call you brother? You think, don’t say the information station, even the general type of site you do not go, not to mention you is a person, you can maintain it? So, you early to put a good website positioning clear, I remember you have a three year old child? You can do a little children, according to the statistics, 80 more children after marriage, at the same time there are a lot of problems, you can use their own personal experience to write the article, issued to you on this website, slowly, with the increase in content, your popularity will become better and better, children’s type of website is currently very popular.

second, select the blog under the portal: be sure to facilitate

why do I suggest you not to build an independent website? Because building a station need too many things, domain name, server, program design, and so on, if you are not proficient, or not to focus on here, choose a portal blog, write secure, best can accumulate popularity, I here first to recommend is Sina blog.


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