New station is to go or stay

is very poor but hope not laughed at is true.

about 2001 access to the Internet started reading it, a cousin to my home channeling the door, said he would play the computer at that time I felt this good stuff but I’ll ask high-tech ah, can you teach me at the time, in my relationship with my cousin that no problem, then we have Internet cafes in town less hard to find Internet cafes (felt quite luxurious, now is the trash) wasn’t going to play another game, the old mouse is not obedient, 4 hours of playing nothing into the light is enough to learn to control the mouse, it took me 8 dollars, the at that time, managed to save heartache ah, go cousin said the computer can also chat, specifically to help me to apply for a QQ number (or 7 oh oh) when the money did not go to play QQ, to play out what rubbish

game, what tank like can not remember now anyway, very attractive to me. Later on the Internet addiction Internet bar is commonplace, wasted a lot of effort, a lot of money, a lot of error learning, School Graduate School of computer science, computer felt good, the teacher gave us the new we will learn what Windows XP felt what is so mysterious, then know is an operating system, will play, so this training class is broken as can be imagined much rubbish had nothing to learn is to improve the typing speed, after the Internet became a small network, at that time three hundred a month, do so very happy because the money can not do Internet cafes Internet. A few months have failed. Nothing is working south to work in Guangdong. A few are not satisfied now, bought a In the period of computer gaming, and later into a so-called Internet company, Google search is full of garbage, but also a liar if top-level domain registrar, all is to do small things at customer service, more all the time also want to do play station, see many webmaster from post feeling a lot do not know the usual procedure is to understand a dumpster free movie thief station, hope to have a teacher with a younger brother to do the space domain I had some oh.

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