There is a kind of love called abandon

there is a love, obviously love, but can not say. There is a love, obviously want to give up, but can not give up. There is a love, knowing it is a torment, but not a hypothesis. There is a love, knowing no way forward, but the heart has long been unable to recover


love is not a game, it is a heart to pay, to forget, really can not do. No matter where I belong, I think I should keep a pure and beautiful in my heart. Never easily tempted to others, suddenly found himself deeply in love, that feeling is really difficult to express, is the joy? Is sad? How can I forget, do you really think the save time? If you can not love.

I often have this feeling, maybe love is only because of loneliness, need to find someone to love, even if there is no ending. But why is love so fragile? Sometimes it’s more brittle than glass. It was so strong, strong enough to even get to still wait love covered all over with cuts and bruises, and never regret. Love can be a flash thing, it can be a lifetime thing. Everyone can fall in love with different people at different times. Why is my love so difficult? I don’t know who can’t live without who, but it’s hard to really forget, and maybe that’s why I’m not strong enough.



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