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User experience of local station and improvement of user stickiness

has done his own big and small garbage stations a few, and eventually insisted on not long. Recently plans to do a local station, a good serious back to do. With friends to analyze how the local station should strengthen user experience and user adhesion issues. It’s just a little analysis of our own. It’s not a high strategy or something. It’s a sharing.

, strengthen local website user experience

‘s initial analysis suggests that there are several ways to strengthen the user experience. For small websites or just new ones, this is only the case. After all, we don’t have much money or more resources. In the experience, we try to make local features for all sections, such as name and communication content, try to catch local hot and interesting. Internet users are now very large, part of the Internet is the map to find a fun. Like many successful local forums, there is a similar classic section.

at the same time, we also have a good guide for users to experience the various virtual facilities in the website. Like SNS and so on. Guidance is important. You should take a good step in the first step of registering a user name from a user. For example, the forum registered users send a welcome SMS, which can be as simple as possible description of the forum, what functions can you do?. Then build QQ group. QQ group is very good to maintain popularity and increase popularity of a more honest way of promotion. The key is to see how you can communicate well with members of the Q group.

two, let visitors have sticky

on our website

user experience this piece, I think many webmaster all understand, a garbage station, or looking for half a day, did not find what you need, the visitor will come next time? Answer not, we say, also know. Now that we want to be a great place to stand, let’s be perfect.

first of all, our approach is to start with keywords. Such as my own website, do the local website in Changsha. Take a look at the classified information section above. Analysts believe that Baidu or Google should be on top of the search for information in Changsha, ranking should be very near. To do is major categories of key words, such as Changsha second-hand, Changsha discount, Changsha job recruitment, Changsha housing, rental and so on. If a local station put these words in line, then it can be said that as a personal webmaster, you are very strong. The local station is precisely these needs. When users can know the information they need on the website at any time and place, they can also guide members to interact with other members of the forum, so as to increase their popularity.

, when appropriate, can also carry out various activities, the initial line of activities do not build italy. You can do online activities, such as a variety of points for gifts, for calls within the community, for coins and so on. As long as you are cheap, you can get all physical or virtual goods are available.

, write so much today. Article for my original, reproduced please retain http://s.meilics.com. station >


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