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See if you are a friend, Baidu ranked first experience sharing

3 months ago has always been not how to love to watch TV on Saturday and Sunday girlfriend suddenly obsessed with watching TV, originally made in the home screen, her every night to play online games, watch TV, what attracted her, for she was in Jiangsu TV channel If You Are The One dating. Because he looked for a moment, could not help but be attracted 24 beautiful girls talent and beauty and Le Jia and Meng Fei sharp comments, I check the If You Are The One when Baidu index, oh, I can’t believe Jane value, daily search volume 340 thousand, if If You Are The One the word row to the first page of the day should not be difficult to bring 5000IP if, on advertising, make a month 1000 oceans should not be a problem. Then ask girlfriend advice, if I do a If You Are The One dating, is willing to help me maintain, did not think she casually promised, do a If You Are The One began dating network set up.

The first step of

domain selection: find the domain name, I do not know a person interested in this, the original If You Are The One dating has already been related domain name registered by a space, the search for a long time and finally decided to www.fcwrw.cn more appropriate, just renamed 30 yuan CN domain registration promotions, immediately registered. Then the analysis to the United States above the virtual host, analysis three days without force, for a number of DNS are not effective, now renamed contact customer service, the original registered CN domain to record to resolve, no way, quickly filing data.

Second step

source selection: this record during the search procedure in the web source network, ASP does not consider the security is not high, because the focus of the project is also dating website hacked, PHP is relatively safe, after several days of tests, the final selection in the Admin5 source exchange group found the UCenter Home 2 there is a free version, upgrade function, then do not bargain price, finally to 800 yuan turnover, repair the suppliers to provide installation and function, to provide free technical support for a month. A week after the record number is also down, but the record number used in domestic space, after all, the domestic space speed is relatively faster than the foreign website, open speed will directly affect the site ranking, in Chinese still rely on Baidu.

The third step: choose

space IDC everywhere recently taking off the net room run away, in the choice of news, not sloppy, to find a cheap and stable space is not an easy thing, after several days of comparison, the best choice for the Beijing room, when in 2009 the whole country have broken network there is little room, I heard Beijing off the network, after all in the footsteps of the next thing, in the foot of the emperor mix of people, certainly not shallow relationships.

The fourth step:

website promotion website online, home page filled with information, and then build the Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Post Bar actually use after a day 1000IP is not a difficult thing. "If you are the one, Le Jia cried 38 times. Why does Le Jia cry?"


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