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The current nternet environment, download the source station should go from here

with the popularity of the Internet, the site with the popular, and now the site is also very simple, just download a corresponding website source code, modify the is a website of your own making success, which will have a lot of website source code download station, like A5 source code download, download the source code such as webmaster the well-known source download station.

The new

source download station how to go? My source. Http://s.mycode8.com has a hundred to a IP in a month’s time, of course, the master is not what it seems, I talk about my experience from the novice.

first, upload the source code, try not to upload some of the most well-known source program, so that it is a waste of their time. For example: DZ! PW, forum, DEDECMS system, the source of others is not may open a new source download site to download, download station because they will have to download on the official website and the larger source, even if the other person is search keywords new open source station was not ranked.

second, you can try to upload some of the more common source, large source station less, like my source code upload a large number of forums and CMS system plugins and templates, although these things are I from their Forum Download, but these things may need to register or download is large the integral can be downloaded, so some users do not want to trouble to get direct search, so you can get some part of the customer.

third, try to use some long tail keywords upload source code, upload the source code when there must be many and the source code download station repeat source, then we try to use some long tail keywords for the title to get part of the traffic from the search.

fourth can be subdivided to highlight certain categories, such as my source code to the Taobao customer source separate up to highlight the categories, so others into a feeling he needed more resources, next time will go or to introduce my friends again, the station has more than two days is special access to this category.

this is my source code download station for more than a month of experience, I really hope I can download the source station to go, I feel tired, do source download station, each source is need to debug once and then to release screenshots, now I really feel the bitterness of the webmaster do


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