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The stationmaster should learn from Xi Li Ge in four ways

Xi Li Ge has been popular in the network, and the network that day dealing with the webmaster Comrades has a taste of Xi Li Ge. For Xi Li Ge, perhaps most people will laugh, this is speculation, some people are boring, lonely is caused by popular. So what does Xi Li Ge have to do with the station,


I am not the title of the party, the following to talk about what I have seen from Xi Li Ge, as the webmaster should learn four aspects.

one, Xi Li Ge’s profile and website image.

why does Xi Li Ge appeal to many people? Xi Li Ge’s image plays an important role. You look through a photo of Xi Li Ge, the messy and have long hair, a handsome face, not only can be used and can be used as a cotton padded jacket, windbreaker jacket, let Xi Li Ge become an independent school image to our eyes. Station owners also have their own unique image, from the template design, color matching to make people bright, that is, a beautiful appearance, can give the user a comfortable initial experience.

two, Xi Li Ge’s temperament and web content.

Xi Li Ge has this appearance is not good, the key is that he inadvertently revealed the temperament, in the camera after the capture, let us fascinated, lamented. You see, casual hair, melancholy face, smoke decidedly, sigh stubble, walk with indomitable spirit, the temperament immediately revealed how a cool word. To meet the countless Internet users lonely mentality. As a webmaster, to do their own station has a unique temperament, that is, web content, ability to seek original, useful, meet user needs, so that we will need you, will visit again.

three, Xi Li Ge’s fame and website promotion,

Xi Li Ge’s fame is not accidental, the above two determines the strength of Xi Li Ge, the opportunity is always prepared to leave, Xi Li Ge had the strength, but strength is not necessarily fame, also need a push. Xi Li Ge has a hand behind him. Although we do not know his purpose, we do not know whether Xi Li Ge knows it, but it certainly exists. As a webmaster, the website construction is good, it is necessary to combine their profit points to publicity, to promote, let others know your good.

four, Xi Li Ge’s insufficiency and stationmaster’s own quality enhancement.

I think Xi Li Ge has a point, said Xi Li Ge became famous, but did not say he is successful, because I haven’t seen Xi Li Ge’s life changed when Xi Li Ge was watching when he cried. That Xi Li Ge is still not fully achieve the "sharp" two words, Xi Li Ge tears, let me see his helplessness and vulnerability, see a little guy, see the crowd emitted are boring and guidance of the human tragedy. Webmaster, when you suffer setbacks, when you suddenly encountered a windfall, please keep calm, careful analysis of the self, the analysis of the web site, to prepare for success, don’t let the opportunity be rub shoulders. Finally, Xi Li Ge, I wish you success


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