The site suddenly cannot access

can not be identified as a system and program failure. The system is loaded with openbsd. Now there is only one possibility, that is, there is a problem with the server hardware, and the possibility of hard disk problems relatively large. And room staff on duty for about second days, go to the computer room to look at the field, find out the specific reasons. Because the telecom IDC engine room is in Taizhou, Jiangyan, it’s still a long way from where I am.

            second days early in the morning to deal with this unexpected failure. To the computer room after the monitor to see. It was initially defined as a hard disk problem. The server’s hard disk is an enterprise level hard disk 160G for Western data. Two on the machine, the way to think of the original backup disk is used for temporary running, using mobile hard disk export site data. Remove the fault drive. Re install the system restore site data on the original backup disk. There should be no problem. Try connecting to the internet. Aha, it’s through. It’s really a hard disk problem. At this point, finally recovered after 22 hours of interruption of the hard drive. At the beginning of May the new server hard disk in less than a month’s case was a problem the next thing is to contact the server providers to replace the hard drive, although a year to repair but was delayed and the time of day. Suggested friends must talk carefully when assembled in the server. This is really a bitter lesson. A network can also continue to serve you.


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