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WeChat operations the most dry WeChat public number to promote dry goods here


is now more and more about WeChat public number location, operation, but many people did not realize the rules of many large, generally not suitable for you in the operation of the public number, especially promotion.

since everyone is interested in the public numbers, since the articles are not dry enough, we can talk about doing nothing today……

one, promotion of public number operation

, after a wonderful "bullshit", tell you how to do the new media promotion –


gets to the point, share a little bit of personal feelings.

1, don’t worship blindly and lose your way,

almost every day can hear or see many large share, how to pay attention to the content, how to differentiate, how to persist, etc., "listen to so much truth, still bad, this life."".

speaking in addition to boast without shame, a great God, generally large has three characteristics: first, grasp or one of the bonus period (do early); two, originally on the Internet has accumulated (such as forum, blog Master, books etc.); three, the operation of the company (a the company operates dozens of large).

PS: of course, it’s not a denial of these big successes, but it’s just advice, especially new friends. Don’t blindly worship and lose your way. Even smaller individuals are brands, individuals,

2, not talking about content and location

too many people are talking about the importance of these two points (of course, I’ve written). Skip ~

this time

3, don’t do the dream of growing

please don’t think about it every day. Suddenly one day, fans grow by a million or even tens of thousands. I believe in cause and effect, and any explosive growth is for a reason. Even if you happen to happen, there must be something behind it that can be studied and studied. The process of studying the cause is the process of learning progress.

so, steady, step by step, personal advice.




so much nonsense, worried about you so anxious, put a big promotion, three steps:

1: who is your user: user profiling based on product and business to understand user needs and pain points?.

2, where the user: with the above portrait of the user appeared and gathered in what place, post bar or Internet bar?.

3: how to draw in: know the needs of users, and know where they are, then think about what methods can attract their interest, attract their attention, and transform successfully.

three, into climax,

all promotion methods are divided into two kinds: money and money.


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